Friday, October 23, 2009

Do not let your Guard Down! (07-GHOST ANIME REVIEW)

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Don't be deceived!!

I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore.

Enough is enough.

The first episode is so promising. It was fast paced and opens a lot of potentials. But, it suddenly digs its own pit hole.

I'm not against cheesy moments between boys, a little bromance won't bite.'s TOO MUCH!! the extent of being PATHETIC. Yes, TEITO KLEIN is so PATHETIC!!

Teito Klein
The lamest main character ever!!

The other surrounding characters look cool, even Ayanami (Main Villain). But, Teito destroys it. Well, even his bestfriend, Mikage. They are both PATHETIC. Are these boys really from the ARMY? Well, it's not that bad to have those kinds of men, but their BROTHERHOOD
is so OVER THE TOP!!

The lamest best friend ever!!

I've reached episode 7, but wasn't able to finish it. I still don't know the story. It's really confusing. I don't know what they are fighting for. Images of the past of Teito confuses him, but IT MORE CONFUSES ME!! Every episode will test your patience. But, I won't be betting anymore. My only regret is that I wont be able to see the 7 Ghosts, and I hope Teito is not part of it. My golly!! He's the most lame MAIN CHARACTER EVER BORN!!

My regrets!!

HOW COULD BE THIS SO POPULAR? Well, I think I know the answer because, I myself, was deceived. I don't think I can recommend it. but I know my sister will like this. **Sigh**

and also before I forgot.........


From someone-who-wishes-there-would-be-even-a-single-strong-female-character-who-could-spank-Teito-in-the-face,


Thursday, October 22, 2009


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The love pyramid
(Welkin x Alicia x Faldio)

Har ~ Har!! I watched it full at last!! Nyarhahaha!!! Well, I was happy I wasn't disappointed. But sure, one thing, I realized..the serious tone doesn't get fine along with the anime, its plot holes are easily seen..Bwahahaha!! But don't care anymore, Romantic + Comedic = Uber SATISFACTION!!


Well, what can I say without any spoilers??? Hmmmm....It ended with a happy ending...You'll already know it!! Although very averag-y and cheesy, I still can't get enough of happily ever after. I got what I want, although I might say I was, of course, been surprised about some unpredictable turn of events. But nevertheless, it added to the sweetness of the story.

Welkin - sama deserves my highest respect!! I truly love him, that's why I would want to see more of his weird expressions and statements. He truly belongs in a unique category of heroes!! Wushu!!

Well, anywayz.... I could say that Valkyria Chronicles isn't perfect. You'll easily spot its weak points. The good thing is, when enjoyment factor would be on discussion, it will surely deliver.

Go Squad 7!
(7 is now my official second fave number, after 4!)

So to all my fellow Otakus --- I would want to share with you the cute moments I felt during my sojourn in the world of Gallia and Empire. I hope you could feel its special aura!! Hehehehe...


From someone-who-wants-to-meet-Welkin-in-the-real-world,


Valkyria Chronicles: First Look! (VALKYRIA CHRONICLES ANIME REVIEW)

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I don't care how many plot holes this anime has!! and with cliche~ish moments every now and need to bother them as I am already satisfied...because VALKYRIA CHRONICLES --- oozes with COOLNESS FACTOR to the bones!! Bwahaha!! Because of this one, I felt faith again!! There is hope in the Anime Community. Bwahahaha!!!


Anyways, back to the topic. I accidentally fell over with this one. I saw its title from somewhere then immediately rushed to myanimelist to check. I was surprised that it received good reviews, because I believe this hasn't received much talkings (or am I Wrong?) Well, anyways..I was actually hesitant at first because I thought it might be a very lousy war title and I just might be put into a suicidal chair. But, GOOD THING...I wasn't blessed with a perfect intuition! Bwahahaha!!!

I easily fell in love with it! It wasn't as heavy as what I thought at first. It actually has nice balance of themes which a good anime could offer: Has a light approach, but with a serious tone; Not bloody, could totally be enjoyed by everyone even children; funny yet touching (kinda reminds you of the holocaust); and of course, the most important ingredient..hihihihi....the ROMANTIC BLINGY that has been circulating my hypothalamus ever since.

Bwahahaha!! Yeah, I'm writing this one because of my undying emotion towards the love pyramid that the main characters have.!! I am not even half the series, yet I already feel this unstoppable urge to say something about my new found love duo!! Wushu! I always find my new dream love team, they are already so many, now I can't even remember them. Don't mind me, I'm talking to myself..hehe ^_^

Anyhowzz..I could say that Valkyria is quite similir with Code Geass, well yeah, of course, since they are of both war type. But good thing, my comparison would be in favor with this one..hehehe.. I enjoyed Geass, but not like with this "smiling - wholeheartedly enjoyment" for Valkyria. => Unlike Code Geass, Valkyria has a soft nature which could give you a relaxing feeling. Although, it's in the middle of a war, you still can't help but be ...happy! Tee hee! I don't know..Happiness is the name of the game. Well, I don't blame Geass, because of course, it is written that way, the plot is very serious and dark. But what I am pointing is that...well,,,hehehe...just to make Valkyria shine...whatever...don't mind me...hehehe...

Where am I? Okay. May I tell you something about the characters? I'm still on episode 14, so I do not know what's still gonna happen next, but from my initial observation, I could say that...WELKIN GUNTHER is totally KAKKOI!! **nosebleed** He's totally a weirdo, but of course, a genius in disguise. Who wouldn't like him? A very naive guy, but is totally an incredible man. He fights with a very sure-to-win plan! And even though, how great and smart his opponents are, he, of course, outlasts them! Nyarhahahahahah!! (kinda fishy, he always wins no matter what)

The heroic Welkin -sama

Then we also have, Alicia. I was so happy that Marina Inoue voices her. My golly, Marina-san always receive good roles but I felt she was already typecasted with this kind of roles..but anywhoozz, so great of her! Back to Alicia, well, she's your typical strong-natured female personality whose prowess captures the hearts of men..Bwuhuhuhu!! I am now being jealous of her..Argh..but I know Welkin-sama and Alicia would be a perfect love team, so I'll let them be.! So that means, noooooooooooooooooooo other partiesss!!! (but this makes the story more interesting..tee hee!)

The aphrodite Alicia - san

Then we also have.. I won't tell it anymore. Since I felt my ramblings had been so out-of-town already. Gomen!

Over all, I am still keeping my hopes high! I know there are more happy episodes to come. I just hope that they don't disappoint. ! **always fingers crossed**

From someone-who-can't-get-over-with-the-romantic-affair-of-this-Anime-100%,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am missing my Yomi-Onee-san! (YOZAKURA QUARTET ANIME REVIEW)

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The cast of Yozakura Quartet
(left - right: Kotoha, Hime, Akina, Ao)

Hmmm...Where to begin? Well, Yozakura Quartet, I could say, falls to the so - so level for me.It's not very bad, but not very good neither. If you have free time, then try watching it, but if you're kinda busy and only goes for the must - type then, it's okay to skip it. You could live your life to the fullest even without seeing this.

Well, I don't mean to bash the anime. I had some little pretty moments actually. hmm..little moments...hehe...I don't know. I like its concept of 'youkai', it always remind me of my Claymore days and Claire -chan..hehe..but anyways, it's kinda cheesy here.

However, I don't think the story has been rushed. It actually has a nice flow for the 12 - episode type. Although I might say, great heroism and character improvement plus coolness factor are lacking in this one. For me, the characters are blah, although they are actually very likable.

For example, the main charac, Akina, I am so rooting for him. I want to him to be the sole savior of the Sakurashin Town, and wishing him to be a super "saiyan" (read: super powers) later in the series, but apparently, he is just a typical human being who is just gifted with a curse which runs in his family,and can only do one thing...tantananannnnn...cleanse youkai. He was overshadowed by the next not-even-cool-but-I-like-her character..

Akina - human

...Hime. She so reminds of Yomi-onee-san from Ga Rei Zero. They are both long hair and beautiful. They are both skilled warriors. The thing that differentiates them (aside from their identities) iis the oozing coolness factor of my greatest onee-san! Yeah boy!!Hime doesn't even have the slightest of it, well, I am so horrible bec. I am comparing the two which should not be the case since they are not of same situation..Well, whatever, don't mind me... Hime has the greatest role in saving her city but I didn't feel much of it that's why even though I like her, she won't make it to the cut.

Hime - Ojousama
With the other characters, let's say..hmmmm...passing marks for them.

With the OP & ED, passing also..but they do not make a recall to my ears..except for that particular BGM,,the one with the english lyrics? Hmm..I'm not sure..hehe..

Overall, I think this anime would only be on my passing level although I do not regret seeing this. I believe, we have different tastes to choose the good and the bad. So it's for you, readers, to decide! (Hmmm...I would be so touched if anyone would just read this..hehe...)

From someone-who-already-moved on-to-a-new-anime-series,


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where are my things?????

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I feel depressed tonight...

Waahhhhh!!!!!!! It's really irritating!!!

Good thing Atashinchi no Danshi could slightly lighten up my mood!!!!!!

Mukai Osamu,.....MUKYAAA!! I know you could be that good and KAKKOI!!!

Keep up the good work!

From someone who can't find her things,

Sadly it's me ^~^

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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( an excerpt from myanimelist account)

Helow everyone!! Wahahaha!! It's been ages since my last post here. Anyways, I'm so excited today that I even made a short review even after just watching 3 episodes...

My last watched sports anime was Over Drive. And I wasssss sooooo soooooo disappointed how the story went that I dont even bother to finish it. That's why I refrain from watching any sport type since then. But, I was intentionally going to buy Ookiku furikabutte, since Mamoru Miyano - san was here (bummer! Only got a supporting role). After having a copy of this, I was, of course, hesitant to watch it, thought it might also suck. But something turned out right.! Golly! I was easily hooked from the get-go!

Yes, I just finished watching ep 3. And I was visually, emotionally and musically satisfied. The lead character, Mihashi, who lacks self-confidence but was actually possessing a gift for his field is not new to me. It resembles something Ippo-like, a soft hearted person who was always being bullied but was actually an extraordinary machine man! Although, it really sounds Ippo-like, Mahashi is still different because he is somewhat outpouring with sensationalism. Hehehehe ^_^

I never thought that the lead role would be coming from a VERY VERY loser-type character. He's so different from the arrogant aroma of other lead stars like Ryoma and Sakuragi. Mahashi will make you annoyed in someways. But you'd learn to love him and empathize him. I almost cried when Abe held the hand of Mahashi and figured out the hard work of Mahashi had been just not to be a burden to anyone. I would love, love to see more of the coming out of my dearest Mahashi - kun.

As of this writing, I think I'll be able to keep up my great anticipation from the series. The characters are interesting esp. Abe and Tajima. And I believe there will be more of interesting names to come.

I'll watch out for more great episodes! With this fast-paced anime, I know it wont get me bored.

Fingers crossed:)

From someone-who-is-rooting-for-Mahashi's transformation,
Me ^_^

Sunday, August 9, 2009


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Helow!! My Deary Bloggy!!

It's been ages since my latest post....


I miss you!

I'm kinda frustrated today. Well, since last week.

WaahhH!! I've been visiting Hunter x Hunter episodes lately (originally planning to watch the Greed Island OVAs but something struck on me that made me re-watch the entire series) but my special gift (jinxness!!!) suddenly entered my awe-inspiring moments!! Where did I go wrong??? Why do these things are happening to me??? Why should the DVD stop at episode 32!!!???? My golly!! That's right after Hunter Exam, which means the journey of finding Killua!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was my FAVORITE PART OF THE SERIES.!!! This means MORE KILLUA MADNESS!! But as I have mentioned, NO TO THIZZZZZZZZZZZZ.............. BWUHUHUHUHu!!!!

I can't find any HXH complete episode in the palengke. Bwuhuhuhu!!! The streaming sites are CRAZY!! They wont help me watch it. The INTERNET CONNECTION is CRAZY, well, it always was. BWUHUHUHUHUHUUHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I don't know what to do anymore.............

Good thing, I learned something NICE, which is.....................GON IS TOTALLY COOL!!! I never thought he really has a nice character, well maybe because I'm so focused with my Killua-sama that I totally forgot Gon-kun. But, anyways, it's never too late to appreciate. They don't seem to grow old, and something tells me they don't die. Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm still not losing HOPE. There's still sunlight after sunset; day after night; sun after rain; tomorrow after today; one after zero; two after one; three after two; and et cetera after et cetera, and et cetera, etc.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are you burning hot?

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We just got our internet back today. After some time, here we are again. Wohoo..Yohohoho!!1

Okay, so what should I tell you first? Let's start with this Roxio burning program I'm using. Well, I bought it with having confidence that it could definitely smoothly burn movies directly to dvd regardless of any format, because, FYI, my Nero 8 never get tired of pooping dialog boxes for some permission blah blah and I can't get through it. So, I looked for some software which could eventually solve my problem. Alas, the store could not provide any software aside from Nero (yes, again but with the 9th version) and this Roxio one. Took the advice of the seller, I still bought Nero confident that it'll work this time because it's another version with complete details of everything. No hassle now.

Well, that's what I thought.

Unfortunately, it didn't work again, but it's the DVD this time. It seems corrupted so I returned it to the store and got this Roxio instead. It's a new product so I have my hopes high. But, what have I done to receive this challenge in my unremarkable life?! Well, I found out that the DVD burning category of this one seems not to recognize all extensions of videos. So, my.mkv files would still be in my preserving download folder, apparently. And worse, the DVD rom doesn't seem to read blank cd/dvd! I can't get even burn ordinary videos in WMP because it can't recognize a burner. Yuhuhuhuhuhu... :(

I've searched the net hoping to find a forum which can help me with this predicament. But it appeared that even the net people can't still get the solution to our common problem. *Sigh*

I should have not removed Nero if only I know this thing would happen. Well, I kinda know it coming. Yes, something like that would definitely come - to someone like me.. Hekhekhekk...

Now, I'm currently burning .avi dvd and it still 11%. My gosh! Something tells me that I'll be taking ahhhhmmmm...quite some time. It's already 12:19 AM. Wushu!

From hey!-it's-
ME ^_^

Saturday, May 30, 2009


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Sorry to bother you...**wink** **wink**

but i feel like writing this before the whole emotion go away...


I'm currently watching Galileo. I already had a copy a year ago but it was only now I decided to try it out. And guess what, i found something totally new!

Nope! It's not about the the whole detective thing. It wasn't about the physics theory and the solutions to its myteries but a very not related subject.


I found my new love team. Mukyaaaaa!!!!!!

O yes! Yukawa-sensei (Fukayama Masaharu) and Utsumi-kun (Shibasaki Kou) are SUCH A SUPER PERFECT COUPLE!! Wushu!

Oh my gosh! I totally wish they both end up together, not only in the drama but in REAL LIFE too. OMG to the highest power!!! This is actually a bonus in the drama since it isn't a romance type but what a PLEASANT BONUS IT IS! Oh my goshness!!! I can't concentrate in the drama anymore. Kou Shibasaki is so beautiful and Masaharu Fukuyama is totally handsome. It is so undeniable that they are the love team to beat! It's only once in a blue moon that I got to react like this but it's totally worth it (the other one is my Hotaru and Buchou love team from Hotaru no Hikari).

Now, I promised my self to make drama review first for Rookies since I already seen it weeks ago and follow it with Hana Yori Dango the Movie, but I didn't know what happen, Galileo isn't the best in the basket and quite predictable at times but it certainly presents something new and hookablity formula which I really don't know what it is ( or maybe it's really the tandem of the leads, super heheheheh)

Anyways, I'm in the last episode. I'm planning to torrent the special and the movie along with Rookies (hoping I could find already one for it).

Anyways, I'm hoping to see more Yukawa-sensei and Utsumi-kun moments until the end.

A scene in the last episode
(Not really a romantic scene but it is so romantic for me. The distance speaks a lot. It seems there is really something going on. Fufufufufu :)

From someone-who-promised-to-post-another-pix-of-the-main leads-soon,
Me ^_^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Two weeks before school starts.

I just finished my OJT. At last, now I can have my vacation.

Ahem...not that fast, You see, we have to attend a general assembly in our previous company where we had our first OJT, and we have to prepare a special number for it. And we haven't done any practices yet..It's gonna be on Friday...Sigh...I dont wanna leave the house coz I wanna enjoy the remaining days of my vacation moments,,,need still to work out. Sigh*** I dont wanna go there. Huhuhuhuuhuhu....


I'm having my wisdom tooth. It's not nice.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomic Thoughts

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I'm having my second OJT.

I haven't written my review for Rookies.

My friend and sister just recently finished watching 1 liter of tears. They said it was really life changing. Now, it makes me think back the moments that I had while watching it then. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make any reviews of it. (Why?)

My back is a burden. It's aching on and off. Hehehe...

I'm currently loving Kiseki by Greeeen and Taylor Swift's Our song.

Still planning to go for David vs David Concert this Saturday in MOA. Woooah! I really want to, but the thought of not seeing them in the concert breaks my heart. We'll be at the farthest part if we're gonna be there. **Huhuhuh***

We'll love to update soon once I got to have my break. Hana Yori Dango Movie just finished downloading. Here we go!

From me,

Friday, May 8, 2009


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**Spoiler Ahead - Beware -Spoiler Ahead - Beware -Spoiler Ahead - Beware -Spoiler Ahead****

How can such a devil woman not have some sort of punishment after doing some cruel things and devilish acts to people? HMph!!!

I really do not know the key point of the writers of just keeping the arrogance of the devil sister until the end. I was hoping she would eventually tone down and repent on her bad doings but it turned out that she, at the end, still lived as the ALLY OF JUSTICE!. So poor Kumako-chan ^~^ The freedom she longs for ages will never come true..(*@*) so sad...haizt...


Now I'll stop complaining...

.....cuz' ......I'm So Super Extremely Happy that I finally seen Seigi no Mikata in its true form...Gyabooo!!!

What part would you not like in this one? Well, as for me, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!

If you are looking for a real feel-good Jdorama that has standards, then this one is SURELY a Keeper!! The story of an older sister who bullies her lil sis is quite something and NEW, although, as for mine, it's the other way around.....hehehehehe...Anywayzzzz..

I thought this one would be all about making the older sis learn a lesson and would be a melo-drama but, surprisingly, it made me cry laughing.....!! The chemistry between the older sis, Makiko (Yu Yamada) and younger sis, Youko (Shida Mirai) is truly a treasure.. They look so good together, and really looked like sisters in real life. They played their parts so so well. I was surprised by Yu Yamada. I know she's a real beauty from the start so I do not expect her to do such absurd things like that of my Hotaru-sama (Haruka Ayase from Hotaru no Hikari). But when she began to do her lil develish gestures with, of course, a lot of funny actions, I realized why she is truly the ALLY OF JUSTICE. Shida Mirai, of course, is a given. She can really act..and act so well. Her performance in the Queen's Classroom is really astounding and here is her another best. Mind you,,,these two ladies received acting awards,,which I think they truly deserve.

The devil Makiko
(Yu Yamada)

Devil but funny!

The bubly Kumako - Youko
(Shida Mirai)

Go Kumako!

The supporting characters were also well portrayed. Naoki-san (Mukai Osamu) is so KAKKOI!! He is super good-looking. He looks like Nicholas Teo but my sister doesn't believe it. He and Makiko look so good together. And I am so happy that the two of them appeared in another Jdorama together, Mei-chan's Butler,..Wushu! I'm definitely going to check it Out! Kanata Hongo who played the love interest of our bubly lil sis is a truly bishounen in the making. He's not a Johnny's but he is so skinny. Why do a lot of Japanese men especially teenagers look so skinny? They are pretty faces but their bodies are a no-no! What kind of trend is that??? Well, anyways, Kanata and Shida have a potential. They are a team to be looked out very soon.

The two families were so lovable, especially that of the sisters'. I like it when they are arguing. I especially like the last episode where they are debating about the divorce and the sisters were quiet, and Youko was contemplating that she had never seen her sister so frailed before, and the memories of her strong sister rushed into her and because of LOVE, she stood up to defend her big sis! It was such a touching scene. I cried so much. I won't tell you what happen next. Find it your self..Mwah mwah mwah!!!

**some momentszz**

All in all, the drama is a winner. It has a nice BGM and a cute theme song. Want to be entertained? Check this one now. And prepare your heart from laughing.

From a confused why-the-sister-never-gets-a-punishment,
Me ^_^

Saturday, April 25, 2009


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This past few days had been busy times for me. I have to complete 100 hours for my OJT. The travel is a burden but the whole experience is worth it. We are drawing closer to our last 40 hours or so, then, time to look for another field of study. Wushu!!! I want a vacation galore. I just hope the school wont open soon.

Need supplies for Addiction.....(*@*)

Hungry for Otakuness..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


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Great anime and dramas became highlights of my happy memories that is why I don't want these shows to be taken for granted.....BUT..........NOT WITH THIS ONE....

Ya, DEFINITELY, not this one!

TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN deserves to be told to the whole world. Its story is history itself. It surely is why OSAMU TEZUKA-SAMA created ANIME. Titles like TTGL is the reason why ANIMEZ KEEP ON ROCKING.....ROCKING OUR LIVESSS! AND I KNOW EVERBODY FEEL THE SAME WAY TOO.

Gurren Lagann, yeah as you know, started with a sssssssuuuuppppperrrrrrr sllllooooowwwwwww pace. And thanks to all reviews (all positive reviews!) that I've read for this one, I kept holding on until I figured out the cause of all the hype from this anime. I've also read a spoiler that one of the main characters will die, so I'm always on the look out for that one....but I, MYSELF AND I, was so SURPRISED AND TOTALLY HAD A GOOSE BUMPED when that dying scene came right in front me. MY GOSH! Why does such a thing happened when you're starting to build up a particular center of attention that will make you want to watch it more, I mean, you know the chemistry between the-great-ex-hero of the show and Yoko-oneechan....hUHUHUHU....i totally cried when that unexpected battle cry came out. Though it was a really very upsetting moment, I know to myself this is where the REAL JOURNEY BEGIN!

And so it goes...

We came to meet Nia-chan. I actually liked her character because she gave another spice to the story although she had her own ways of annoying me, though I can't think of any in particular. But whenever I see her Picture, I can't help myself remembering that very bittersweet moment at the end.. Yeah,,,FYI, I'm now beginning to cry....

I'm gonna tell you now my general reaction to the show...

Gurren Lagann, is kinda 2 seasons in 1. Because, there was the obvious building up saga before the grown up era. But, of course, you wont realize it yet before you could actually get into half of the story. While watching the show, I kinda had a thought and question in my mind.......


That was then I came to remember all the animes i used to watch in the afternoon when i was still in elementary and were always in a hurry just to never get late watching them. These hard-core animez include GUNDAM WING, yU YU hAKUSHO,Gundam G, bTX, tHUNDER jeT, dRAGON bALL, NInja Robots, and so many animes full of my good memories..***sigh*** That is why, I think Gurren Lagann must be a source of a good memory also to others, especially those who are otaku-in the making. I want this one to be a part of the afternoon-must watch to the younger generation of my country because mine's was so special and I want them to feel it too.

Now, after that suppppppppperrrrrrr sllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwww beginning of the series, I couldn't believe I was really taken aback. I slept last night still thinking of the bittersweet memories from this anime. And yes, it was really enough reason to become proud of your SPECIAL TITLE - OTAKU!

I'm sorry I couldn't write any particular things about the anime: the story, the characters, the sound and other etcczzz..Because I was lost...really lost...can't just simply put it into simpler terms or digest it into particular category...its effect was really overwhelming, words of surreality are only coming out from my mind.

So superb. period.

I like to see happily ever after at the end of each story, because fantastical sweetness still lives on me. But, after watching the Endless Love series, I found another meaning of sweetness. Love doesn't have to be lived by two persons physically because love grows over longest distance, may it HEAVEN or HELL. Love Moves In Mysterious Ways. Though, I dislike seeing those sad endings, it creates a more tender and deeper meaning of LOVE.


From a-proud-to-be-otaku!,
Me ^_^

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Episode 5: Obstinate feelings (GA REI ZERO ANIME REVIEW)

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Ga Rei Zero?
I found it accidentally while searching for best anime titles of 2008. included it into their list. Hmmm....Kinda intriguing coz the poster seemed so interesting...time to see some shounen moves's blazing!!!'s the poster I'm talking about...

Kinda looks intense, right???

Unfortunately, it doesn't have anything to do with the whooooooooooooooleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anime.....Hmmm...well, not really. You see, I thought I would be facing them longer and have to deal with some 10 maybe 20 lousy minutes and more to come, but I was soooooooooooooooo surprised that they were easily BUTCHERED!!! MY gosh! This ANIME boasts in B-L-O-O-D! And to think that these people in the poster were the main characters,,,HUH? What would happen now in the story????? AHEMMMM.... I was confused for a while. I paused while seeing the credits at the end, waiting for the ed song to play..but nothing showed up? What's wrong with this anime????

EHERM>....Now we're faced with another set of characters. They possess powers like what- I-thought-to-be-the main-characters also have, like they can see beasts or dark spirits what an ordinary person cannot do. As you see, these characters work under the government to destroy these malevolent spirits and help to maintain peace on earth. These were chosen people who have certain gifts and abilities to perform the tasks assigned to them. See, nothing extra- ordinary right? Well, it's the re-usable plot of any action anime.

De mo.....Don't lose hope...

As I have mentioned earlier, the what- I-thought-to-be-the main-characters were BUTCHERED right from the very beginning. So, this may seem something new and intriguing, right?.....BWAGAGAGAGA!!!

Will you kill someone you love, because of love? Ahemmm....Kinda soft and romantic right? It doesn't seem right for a bloody anime like this, I thought. You see, This anime is lead by a female named Kagura Tsuchimiya who idolized her Yomi-oneechan. And Yomi-oneechan, true enough, is a very skilled swordsman and a prodigy in the making. She was set to be a heir to her fostered-clan and had a very cute love-hate relationship with her fiancee, Nori-chan. Romantic, it is! They even had a filler episode just for the two, Yay!! If you're into this kind of genre, action with romance inside, then this one is really for you!! Hek hek ^_^

All seems right and fine, until, of course, the dark side made his entrance. This source-of-trouble which made the goody-goody relationship of everyone turned to its worst situation and gave a 360 degree rotation to all the lives of our dear characters..HUHUHUHUHUHUHU!! ^~^

Because, you know there's a lot of things that were really regrettable and as a viewer you could not help to feel so remorsed for the things that could have saved: relationships with your co-workers, relatives, friends, love life (huhuhuhu, so much regret ^~^) and with your treasured one. Huhuhuhu :(

And to think, that this whole thing is just a prequel to the original story.....MY GOLLY!! Although, I'm gonna say that the 12 episodes kinda satisfied me, and I feel fine even if there wont be any continuation to the story, the thought of the real plot keeps me more interested. Real main characters will be revealed. Wushu!!! I haven't searched for any season 2 yet, if their on the making already. But, Whatevah!! Sure they will, it's not like they kinda use the setting of the manga only and wont deliver the real fruit. 'Couse, they wont. Bring it on!!


I like the Paradise Lost (OP song)
Nori-chan! Yomi-chan!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuh

Thursday, March 26, 2009


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What's with the other reviewers which gave this anime a poor score and bad reviews? Anyways, I guess we have our opinions with everything so I'll give mine with this one.

Okay, if you are really looking for a super deep, profound and out-of-this world original concept, well, don't try this one. Might as well go check some super stiff plot and oscar-worthy stories (?) to satisfy your technical hunger and desires you're looking for an anime!!! I'm telling you this is not going to win any awards!!! Hmp ;<

Zombie Loan doesn't have any new things to offer. Well, I guess just like any other animes because their stories had just been recycled over and over again. But, as an otaku, you never get bored watching them especially if you're really massively entertained!

Well, of course, the heroes here save lives and benefit from it. And because there are two male leads here, you cannot avoid some Uhmmm..moments here and there..well, good thing there's no special Uhmmm between them. Kinda cute the petty fightings here and there but i'm kinda not into Uhmmm moments between two maleszz..Hek Hek. ^_^ Especially with the Uhmmmm moments between two girls...Hek Hek ^ _^ Please, not with this one. Michiru is so cute with any of the male leads, so let us leave it like that.. Hek Hek ^ _^

You know what I'm saying if you, of course, have seen the series.

Well, anyways...

The characters are really likable. Sure there are clichez all over the place, but I never get tired of it. I never thought that Michiru would be a likable character. Coz you know, I'm always into strong-willed females with great personalities that could absolutely make womanhood proud. Hek Hek ^_^ Luckily she changed but her weakness is still adorable. I really really like cut li'l moments between her and Chika! Wow, I get his name right. Chika,Shito, Michiru. Chika, Shito, Michiru. Chika, Shito, Michiru... Hek Hek. I'm getting tongue twisted with their names...^_^

Sadly, the theme songs weren't that great. Well, not even good either. They are so upbeat and kinda crazy. I'm not getting it. But there's one insert song which I liked, and I'm gonna search for it.

What can I say more? Well, it had been a short trip. It, of course, needs to add more episodes. It left you hanging. I would love to see more of the trio and their eventual romantic affairs..Hek Hek ^_^ I WANT TO SEE MORE ZOMBIE LOAN

From a Believer that says this anime deserves a shot!,
Me ^_^

Friday, February 13, 2009

How would you read this? (XXXHOLIC ANIME REVIEW)

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What can you say about the opening song?
Don't tell me you're just on the okay level???
Shut up!!!!
Go and get some cotton buds to clean your ears right now!! As in right now!!

My gosh!!! How could I almost miss this one??? I bought this with D. Gray Man, and I planned to watch the shounen first, thinking that Holic might suck and I would be
jinxed by it. Oh yes, I had that thought. How horrible...but, MUKYAAA~~~I was left in AWE!!.

I don't have high expectations with this one. Clamp's works remind me of Card Captor and Magic Knight Rayearth, both I enjoyed when I was in grade school, but watching them today doesn't make me a fan anymore. That's why I have doubts,, and doubts, and doubts, until....I heard the OPening...

Wushu!! it keeps on singing in my head until now,,for real..It definitely grew in me...How could you not like this? this song simply makes you for a good mood...and is so so so so appropriate for the anime it self...Yosh!

I never thought that I would love all the CHARACTERS in this one. Yuuko-san is the most LOVABLE Witch, as described in the DVD cover, I have ever known. it's okay that she isn't given much of a development compared to other leads because her general presence makes her femininity stand out the best!! I love her, she's like a bigger sister..Tee-hee ^__^

Watanuki is the most vulnerable male character I've ever met...hehehe, as if...He is so handsome when he is serious..I remember the first episode where he is walking in the street so seriously then suddenly started to run so fast as if someone is chasing him, later on revealed that he is being annoyed by the spirits which made him roll in the road for cute attention-getter for a start...He is voiced by my second favorite dubber, Jun Fukuyama,so great of him...

Is the relationship between Doumeki and Watanuki considered as Shounen Ai? Can it be called simply as Friendship? Why people have to label simple gestures as it is??? Sigh~~~ Whatever...

Anyways, the animation doesn't seem realistic..I mean how the characters are drawn, they don't seem like real people..But I think the artwork is great,,Well, I'm not really good with this technical stuff...hek hekkk.,,

Overall, this is a SUUUUPPPERRR recommended Anime. I have my best times, my average moments and my love-to-watch-it-at-night-but-is-so-scary-i-always-look-at-my-back syndrome...heheheheh

From me,
Your Love BUG


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I already have an account in myanimelist and I started doing reviews of anime that I just recently watched. Well, since this blog is all about it then I better just use my reviews from it to add it up to my entries..hehehe...just recycling...Whatever...

Here are some animes that I've finished since this second semester but I wasn't able to have some reviews...

darker than Black
Code Geass 1 and 2
Vampire Knight

My Boss My hero

haven't finished yet,,,,

Basilisk --huhuhu..want to watch it right now
Over Drive - don't think I have the drive to move on
Toradora - I don't know, seems cute but is so Shoujoooooo, no excitement
Hayate No Gotoku - not sure, kinda much parody, i dont like rie's voice, so sorry, just like in toradora
Rental Magica - what happened? haven't i finish this one?? My gosh...i have to...not great not bad
Ghost Hound - not yet there i think, no improvement,,,hope to improve
Gurren Lagann - thinking to buy it in the dvd instead, sure this is a keeper

Zettai Kareshi

currenty going...

shows in store....(recently bought-dvds)
D. Gray Man

Life Rocks = Anime Rules =Life Rocks = Anime Rules

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing much

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Don't you think Rie Fu's voice so charming? It's so gentle and soothing. Aahh~~~~

Listening from some of her songs, (Tsukiakari, D.Gray Man's, GDestiny's) calming...

After watching the 18th episode of Skip Beat,,,,, (SKIP BEAT ANIME REVIEW - SORT OF)

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Bwahahaha!!! All Hail Skip Beat!!!

Isn't Episode 18 the best yet??? I hope it isn't. Because My Anticipation level keeps on rising after watching this one. Bwahahaha!!!

I'm for Kyoko and Ren, but OM-to-d-G!! I never thought Sho and Kyo look so KAWAII together!! Their quarrels surely look like simple LQs to me, don't feel any anger. Bwahahaha!! Now it's getting complicated. Ren is starting to show his real feelings towards Kyoko and Sho is beginning to develop a crush on her..What a DIMENSIONAL LOVE TRIANGLE./....Now, I'm getting confused which love team should I give my support?

Who cares? Is it even the time for that...C'mon people make the Good times Roll!!! This is so Precious!!! Can't wait for the NEXT EP!

Lovingly yours,
An eager neophyte from Love Me Section



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Wahahaha!!! Don't waste your time contemplating whether you're gonna watch this or not. I'm telling you, go directly to your favorite streaming site or prepare your torrent downloader for this. This ANIME will shake your life.

well, not really, ahem, kinda just carried away...

I just made a recommendation of Skip Beat, it's with Ouran Host Club. My Ouran is my 2nd favorite anime,because i believe it greatly represents the SHOUJO GENRE. to tell the truth, i enjoy better shounen anime than shoujos, but OURAN changed my well with SKIP BEAT. Wahahahah!

Who wouldn't love Kyoko, the main lead. I'll admit it. I can see some part of me into her character. I still wish to be a princess, there's still the little child inside in me who still believes in fairy tales. Even though Kyoko is not speaking of it, her feminine side is so realistic and is so relevant to the youth today.

A good lead is one my criteria in choosing anime. Just like Haruhi, I really really like free-spirited, intelligent, smart and strong-willed heroine. AND KYOKO FULLY EMBODIES IT. She's way better than my Haruhi-chan. OH mY GOSH!

The REVENGE part is the best thing, because this help us to see the real Kyoko. I like her. She's not a show off. Yes, she might be a cry baby but is never an annoying one. She has a good disposition in life. She is not lady-like, which is the BEST about her personality. She is not boxed. WUSHU!

And Ren, wufufufu! To think that Jerry Yan is gonna portray his character in the live action adaptation is such a...a....a.....a..........FEAST TO CELEBRATE...wUSHU~ I'm thinking of RAIN. well, whatever. Ren Tsuruga is not your ordinary good boy bishounen. Good ThinG! I hate Gentle Lead Male who is SO GOOD TO BE TRUE! He has also his own evil ways, well, towards Kyoko. Which makes the 2 a more romantic couple...

There goes SHO,,I also like his character even though he's supposed to be the antagonist. not only because my favorite dubber voiced him (MAMORU MIYANO) but he's also NOT AN ARCHETYPE. He's the coolest villain evAH!

Well, if you like interesting characters like me, and just wanna have plenty of good and goofy times, try this right now. This will even surpass the Twilight Craze...BWAHAHAHAH!! Let's SKIP THE BEAT!

I also like Moko-san, Kyoko's partner...
I hate Ariel Lin,,I don't want her to do Kyoko's role...can they change the casting please...
Looking for more happy episodes...

Love lots,
a newbie from Love Me Section