Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am missing my Yomi-Onee-san! (YOZAKURA QUARTET ANIME REVIEW)

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The cast of Yozakura Quartet
(left - right: Kotoha, Hime, Akina, Ao)

Hmmm...Where to begin? Well, Yozakura Quartet, I could say, falls to the so - so level for me.It's not very bad, but not very good neither. If you have free time, then try watching it, but if you're kinda busy and only goes for the must - type then, it's okay to skip it. You could live your life to the fullest even without seeing this.

Well, I don't mean to bash the anime. I had some little pretty moments actually. hmm..little moments...hehe...I don't know. I like its concept of 'youkai', it always remind me of my Claymore days and Claire -chan..hehe..but anyways, it's kinda cheesy here.

However, I don't think the story has been rushed. It actually has a nice flow for the 12 - episode type. Although I might say, great heroism and character improvement plus coolness factor are lacking in this one. For me, the characters are blah, although they are actually very likable.

For example, the main charac, Akina, I am so rooting for him. I want to him to be the sole savior of the Sakurashin Town, and wishing him to be a super "saiyan" (read: super powers) later in the series, but apparently, he is just a typical human being who is just gifted with a curse which runs in his family,and can only do one thing...tantananannnnn...cleanse youkai. He was overshadowed by the next not-even-cool-but-I-like-her character..

Akina - human

...Hime. She so reminds of Yomi-onee-san from Ga Rei Zero. They are both long hair and beautiful. They are both skilled warriors. The thing that differentiates them (aside from their identities) iis the oozing coolness factor of my greatest onee-san! Yeah boy!!Hime doesn't even have the slightest of it, well, I am so horrible bec. I am comparing the two which should not be the case since they are not of same situation..Well, whatever, don't mind me... Hime has the greatest role in saving her city but I didn't feel much of it that's why even though I like her, she won't make it to the cut.

Hime - Ojousama
With the other characters, let's say..hmmmm...passing marks for them.

With the OP & ED, passing also..but they do not make a recall to my ears..except for that particular BGM,,the one with the english lyrics? Hmm..I'm not sure..hehe..

Overall, I think this anime would only be on my passing level although I do not regret seeing this. I believe, we have different tastes to choose the good and the bad. So it's for you, readers, to decide! (Hmmm...I would be so touched if anyone would just read this..hehe...)

From someone-who-already-moved on-to-a-new-anime-series,