Monday, December 22, 2008

I know it's not yet the end..... (CLAYMORE ANIME REVIEW)

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It's over. How could that 26 episodes be that fast? It leaves so many stories to be watched for, if (hopefully) there's gonna be a second season of the anime. I'm not fond of reading mangas so I think I have to wait for the next one. Wish they bring it soon. This is not a new anime so I hope they are already in the process. (*~*)

Anyways, I think the ending episodes, their last mission and battle, were not that much intense. Maybe with the first half, but the latter part to the end weren't that much satisfying. I was really looking for a more in depth battle where Clare could fully use her potentials without messing up. But unfortunately, it isn't the time yet. Clare still needs a lot more to learn and should be given ample time to develop. it's making me realize the series has given me a let down. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............

Maybe for now. Maybe until they air the second season....

However, if you're gonna think about it, the hanging part adds up to a more exciting mystery to the story. There are still so many characters to reveal, who are Number 1 and Number 2? It keeps me guessing. Miria, Galatea, Rafaela and even Ophelia were already strong warriors, so I'm wondering what kind of powers do the top 2 possessed? Were they even greater than Teresa? Nah, I don't think so. Teresa is a Legend, isn't that Clare?

Anyways, the villains of the story were also spicing up the lives of our claymores. I thought it's only gonna be Priscilla but I was surprised that she was only a subordinate of one of the 3 greatest enemies of the series. Wow, I want to see the exhibition of their powers. Wushu!

I like, most importantly, to see Clare and how will she develop as a real successor of Teresa, or even surpassing her Idol's powers. I want to see everyone in the organization to be shocked when she becomes the greatest among the claymores inspite of being a human. Bwahahahahahaha.....then her friends would be so proud of her and will think she's a monster, in a good sense. Bwahahaha.....

Well, I just hate the romantic blingy again between Clare and Raki. Eew to the max! I hate when they show the kissing scene and how Clare's face looked like. She's not like her true self anymore~ Then Raki said "I love you" to Clare. Eew~! Doesn't she even realized the no-romantic-affair the theme of the story should be!

Well, I know I'm just overreacting. I hope it's just a family love that is going on between them. *Sigh* Whatever~!

I still love Claymore!!! More! More! More!


Till then,

Sunday, December 21, 2008


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How could an all female lead be this intense? Yes, with so much ANGST! Well, in a good way. I know CLAYMORE is a good anime, based from reviews and everything, that is why I got a copy of it. I wasn't really expecting a lot because of the underestimated capabilities of my own gender-mates. But, to the FULLY GOSHesNESS I stand CorrecteD! Wow, I'm just halfway in the series yet the insurmountable excitement makes my palm sweat. Hehehe...too much excitement..

Anyways, I like Clare, the lead cast, and the story of her past. One of the greatest back stories I have ever known. I like Teresa, her beloved claymore, so much and wanting to see her more in the episodes to come. But I was heartbroken when I watched her unprecedented and unpredictable death. HuHUhu... Clare was so cute when she is still a human. I wished she just continued her destiny as a human and let another claymore (male?) do the revenge. But choosing to fight and changing the course of your fate is such a valiant step a human can do, and I applaud Clare for doing that.

I just hate the fact that there's a romantic blingy going between Clare and her side kick, Raki. It's too much to bear with, especially with that kissing scene. YUCK! EEW! Wish they wont do that again, so inappropirate. Anyways, I get my hopes so high right now. I guess more revealing and gushing episodes are yet to come. And i can't wait to see them!

I'll make an entry again after watching the whole series.

I dont want too see that romantic blingy again. IT ruins the series. Fingers crossed. Hopes are high!

Till then,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Updates

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I still havent finished any my of current list of's really hard to take it with this suuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sssssssssssssssllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww connection!

Anyways, I just want to say that i truly truly love VAMPIRE KNIGHT! Wushu!!

I am not through with's my current evaluation....

*********CODE GEASS R2 - very heavy, it doesn't pacify my restless thoughts (?). It doesnt give me a peace of mind, which i intend to have whenever i watch anime..anyways, maybe im not really in the mood for some bloodbath right now....

*********VAMPIRE KNIGHT - the BEST! very recommended! Yuuki and Zero is the perfect in the second season already...needs lot of yuki and zero moments!! getting exciting and intriguing..though bloody (source of power) it is fine and descent...would give you romantic moments..and very comforting...sigh...need to see more of them..more of them ..more of them...

********OVER DRIVE- i stopped at 17...watched the 3 or more episodes which i think are the highlights of the series..but i think it will still push through,,i am on the game round already,, so maybe i should be expecting more intensive episodes soon...hate the CHEESINESS. hate the GO! GO! CHEER! hate superficiality!

********BASILISK - only the first 5 episodes...want some more,,maybe after any of the three above...hehehe..this is also very makes me so into it, so i have to be more cautious about this....




Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm waiting

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I hate Smart Bro...

I've been waiting for almost three hours just to finish the loading of vampire knight from crunhyroll (i felt that crunchy also betrayed me because it seems it doesnt want me to watch yuuki and zerrooo....though i know it's the connection's real fault) but the LAN CABLE was broken and can be easily dejected, so whenever it was moved the connection stopped and ruins everything.

This is sooooooooooooo nooooooooooooot cooooooooooooooolll.. so contradicting with the series i am into today, which i should be watching right now but due to annoying circumstances,,had been gosH! This is A GOOD WAY TO END UP A BAD DAY = MAKE IT BADDER!!!!!!!!



this makes me feel!

Monday, November 24, 2008


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This is a re-post...

what happened to the original one.?..


it's exhausting to be an otaku...i'm saving money from buying anime dvds..that's why i'm again a streamer...a very pitiful a problem on LAN many rough timess...

but im managing to finish this titles (and hopefully have an entry for each of them)

CODE GEASS R2 - season one is soooo intensed...DEATH NOTE + GUNDAM SERIES = CG
there's a lot to look for on this one...i am not that exclusively convinced yet..need to watch out for more episodes

VAMPIRE KNIGHT - the lead casts are sooo adorable....i thought this is too cheeasyy for my taste,,but im so glad i tried regrets..havent reached that far but is in the mood for fighting...

BASILISK - Romeo and Juliet's ninja bishoujo and bishounen but with a promising story..havent also reached far but is so eager to finish it...

OVER DRIVE - so disappointing...shinozaki is suchhhhhhhhhhhhhhha lousy pervert....hate him...average but i have to finish it..i waited for days to finally have it out from bit disappointing...not that worthy..but i hope im wrong...

till shoulder hurts...

^ ___^

Friday, November 14, 2008

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I'M BACK~'s been such a long time

needs a lot of updates

good thing i get hold of my old self again

been watching CODE GEASS lately and it made me want to seek this blog of mine

need to speak the inner voice of excitement and jolliness about my new found inspiration


hopefully i could keep in touch with you


Saturday, April 26, 2008

David Cook - The Phantom

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I am not a fan from the start. I was really cheering for Ramiele then, so she used to be my only bet in American Idol. But sadly, she got booted out. It made me cried to see my only reason in watching the show leaves. A.I. wasn't that special to me anymore after her exit. And I told myself I will not watch this show ever again. But...ahem...I failed..myself. I do not have an entry of my dearest Idol Rami here in this blog, but i plan to make one soon. But for now, I'll talk about David first. No, not lil David, but The COOK..

I am a gradual fan of David C. I'm not a follower of his previous great numbers, although I think he is really exceptional in this batch. He got more personality compared to other fellow contestants. He knows how to shine because he masters and learns his potentials and use them in the most appropriate manner. I'm not a fan of rock bands or of rock genre. I'm also not a music lover that much. But I strongly believe that this talent is the Star of All Shining Uniqueness. I really really love his originality and his guts on the stage!

I know i will be interested in watching AI again after I saw and heard "Always be my baby", which he gave a new flavor and vibe. He's a rocker with a soul and heart!. And is a truly amazing singer after I cant stop myself listening to his Music of the Night over and over again. What a Phantom! What a heart! WOO HOO! DAvid COOK for the WIN!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Gyaboo!!!1 another MUKYAAAAAAAA!! I truly enjoyed this DRAMA..really enjoyed! Although i can say it is not that too overwhelming like Nodame and Dragon Zakura, but it is a show recommended for everyone's taste. Not that too addicting but it is really something special. Very warm and touching..and deadly hilarious.

The good thing about the show which i really like, is casting SHAKU YUMIKO as Tsukiyama Kayo, the heroine of the story. I admire this actress very much, really good in her craft. I find her very beautiful although this is the first time i have seen and watched her. I was surprised that she is already 28 because she does not seem to be in my opinion. She is one of the reasons why i kept watching the show because i want to see more of her. She is really beautiful and likable. I can't find any scene where she got me annoyed. She is the light towards the dark lives of the brothers, especially the part where she accompanied Hinata after the confession of his real identity. She stands as the older sister to him. She is the IDEAL SISTER to everyone. YES, THAT'S IT. GASSAN IS EVERYONE'S SISTER!

my GREATEST DISAPPOINTMENT in the show CONCERNS the LOVE LIFE OF my ONEE-CHAN. I don't like the older brother, Wataru, for her. Although i know it's gonna happen and is really expected. HUHUHUHUHU!!!!!!!!!!!1 Why???? I'm really pushing myself for the third brother, SATOSHI, to end up with TSUKIYAMA because i feel they are the most likable team among th 3 older brothers. JUN KANAME as SATOSHI, which i think i've seen him somewhere (drama), is really KAKKOI!!!!!!! KAWAII + KAKKOI = happily ever AFTER!

but sadly, wataru confessed to gassan, though no direct answer from her, the feeling is obviously mutual! HMPH! Anyways,,,, the story is really simple yet excellent. The secrets were the X factor of the drama, the thing that made hinata (youngest brother), KANATA HONGO, shines as an ACTOR and an IDOL!! woooohhhh!!!!!! so MOE!! I cant believe it! Not just long ago, i've seen him perform TWIST SERVE of RYOMA-SAMA and now,,,,WHATTTTTT?????? He is slowly turning into a REALLLLLL BISHOUNEN with a SOFT SIDE. But i still feel his side of being a kid, although he becomes taller, his face is still the soft kid which everyone wants to adopt!



i feel touched and moved when i witness brotherly love.
so pure and innocent.
it makes me wanna cry

^^^^^^^^^^^SCENES OF TSUKIYAMA & SATOSHI ^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^^^^WISH THEY END UP TOGETHER^^^^^^^^^^^^




Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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due to technical reasons, i cant fully enjoy dragon zakura to its maximum satisfaction. i dare say that this show really has the elements to outstand other school anime (GTO, Gokusen). the casting superb and the plot is incredible. the sensei - SUGOI NE! this got me hooked that easily. now im thinking to buy a dvd of it rather than have it streamed. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..if only cruchy has it then i wont have to worry about its loading rate bec. nothing does it best than crunchy..

will add more after watching the whole ep.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


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Gyaboooo!! MUKYAA!!! hehehe...cant find any show as kulit as this one. i thought at first ueno juri (nodame) isn't that perfect for tamaki hiroshi (chiaki) but as the story progressed...GYABOO! SHE'S THE ONE for sure! i really do not know the story of the show but i thought it is the girl, nodame, who is the focus of the show..but she is still though,, it is just that chiaki's greatness outshined them all..hehehehe....TAMAKI HIROSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY KAKKOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i dont find the cast to be exaggerated although their acting is really out-of-this-world! they really made it look like the manga version (though i haven't read it myself) with those kind of white eyes, i dont know what do they call it..but it is really superb..

i like ryutaro mine, EITA, here..hehheee..another bishounen..also kiyora, i just forgot the name of the actress. i find her really pretty and simple..i also love masumi and saeko..they both have their own moments esp. saeko who is really lovable and witty..and the last would be stresseman, who i thought at first that the actor is really a foreigner because of the accent but i was really surprised that he is only a japanese, he is such a good talent, very versatile..

the orchestra is really captivating..i couldnt say less. i cant think of any praise to add more bec. my appreciation is already leaning towards a new drama that im currently watching..but needless to say, THIS DRAMA IS SURELY ONE OF THE BEST!! just want UENO JURI X TAMAKI HIROSHI IN LIFE..WISH THE DATING RUMORS WERE TRUE!!





Sunday, February 3, 2008


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what can i say!!! i think OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB IS THE GREATEST SHOUJO ANIME EVEEEEEEEEER PRODUCED!!! i have just finished Ghost Hunt right before OURAN and thought to be really hooked there...but my excitement and enjoyment dropped down due to the unexplainable intensity brought by this CRAZY ANIME!! actually, i really prefer watching shounen and seinen type anime rather than those of shoujo because it gives you the spark and the "it" to continue, though i used to like CCS AND Fruits Basket, and got this ghost hunt recently (im still confused on how to determine if it is a shoujo anime inspite of its boyish story, you know what i mean?)

anyway, what made me got into this anime is through great ratings from various reviews i have read looking for good anime to watch..and thanks to all reviewers from animenfo who brought me here and presented worth-seeing shows for all otaku.. WOOOHHHH!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! it ended there!! my anticipation had just finally appeared to its halt. how could it be that's a 26-episode anime and yet it feels like to be 12..I WANT MORE!!

i just made my picture perfect to be MAI TANIYAMA of ghost hunt but i have to change her now already for it must be replaced my HARUHI FUJIOKA-SAMA!!! I LIKE HER!! but it is because she is the center of attention of my new found bishounen SUOH TAMAKI-SAMA!!! I REALLY REALLY LIKE THESE COUPLE...

i really do not know the real story of OURAN before i have watched it..i just have faith through all the good reviews i have read and luckily they did not disappoint me...WUSHU!! the FIRST EPISODE is still the best for me!!! WAAH!!! i was hoping silently that this new student, HARUHI, isn't a man for i want her to fall for someone from the HOST CLUB because i really think she is super cute!!! so KAWAIIIIIIIIIII!!! after that, i know it must be TAMAKI AND HARUHI FOREVER!! like MAI and NARU FOR-EVER!!

the story made me change my perception towards the host (hosto) job presented in the show.. i thought it is like selling your body to gain profit but i was surprised how does the anime did it so..or is it really like this (?) their job is really cool and so funny!! i dont mind some boy to boy scene down there, like between the hitachiin brothers and with hunny and mori-senpai...they are all unqie and so cute!!! woooh!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS ---SO KAWAIIIII!!

this anime made me forget all the tasks of being a student!!! so so so great!!! waaah!!! IT JUST MAKES ME WONDER WHY PEOPLE GO OVER THE OTHER HARUHI (SUZUMIYA) WHEN FUJIOKA AND HIS BUDDIES ARE FAR BETTER THAN THEM!!!