Friday, October 23, 2009

Do not let your Guard Down! (07-GHOST ANIME REVIEW)

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Don't be deceived!!

I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore.

Enough is enough.

The first episode is so promising. It was fast paced and opens a lot of potentials. But, it suddenly digs its own pit hole.

I'm not against cheesy moments between boys, a little bromance won't bite.'s TOO MUCH!! the extent of being PATHETIC. Yes, TEITO KLEIN is so PATHETIC!!

Teito Klein
The lamest main character ever!!

The other surrounding characters look cool, even Ayanami (Main Villain). But, Teito destroys it. Well, even his bestfriend, Mikage. They are both PATHETIC. Are these boys really from the ARMY? Well, it's not that bad to have those kinds of men, but their BROTHERHOOD
is so OVER THE TOP!!

The lamest best friend ever!!

I've reached episode 7, but wasn't able to finish it. I still don't know the story. It's really confusing. I don't know what they are fighting for. Images of the past of Teito confuses him, but IT MORE CONFUSES ME!! Every episode will test your patience. But, I won't be betting anymore. My only regret is that I wont be able to see the 7 Ghosts, and I hope Teito is not part of it. My golly!! He's the most lame MAIN CHARACTER EVER BORN!!

My regrets!!

HOW COULD BE THIS SO POPULAR? Well, I think I know the answer because, I myself, was deceived. I don't think I can recommend it. but I know my sister will like this. **Sigh**

and also before I forgot.........


From someone-who-wishes-there-would-be-even-a-single-strong-female-character-who-could-spank-Teito-in-the-face,


Thursday, October 22, 2009


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The love pyramid
(Welkin x Alicia x Faldio)

Har ~ Har!! I watched it full at last!! Nyarhahaha!!! Well, I was happy I wasn't disappointed. But sure, one thing, I realized..the serious tone doesn't get fine along with the anime, its plot holes are easily seen..Bwahahaha!! But don't care anymore, Romantic + Comedic = Uber SATISFACTION!!


Well, what can I say without any spoilers??? Hmmmm....It ended with a happy ending...You'll already know it!! Although very averag-y and cheesy, I still can't get enough of happily ever after. I got what I want, although I might say I was, of course, been surprised about some unpredictable turn of events. But nevertheless, it added to the sweetness of the story.

Welkin - sama deserves my highest respect!! I truly love him, that's why I would want to see more of his weird expressions and statements. He truly belongs in a unique category of heroes!! Wushu!!

Well, anywayz.... I could say that Valkyria Chronicles isn't perfect. You'll easily spot its weak points. The good thing is, when enjoyment factor would be on discussion, it will surely deliver.

Go Squad 7!
(7 is now my official second fave number, after 4!)

So to all my fellow Otakus --- I would want to share with you the cute moments I felt during my sojourn in the world of Gallia and Empire. I hope you could feel its special aura!! Hehehehe...


From someone-who-wants-to-meet-Welkin-in-the-real-world,


Valkyria Chronicles: First Look! (VALKYRIA CHRONICLES ANIME REVIEW)

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I don't care how many plot holes this anime has!! and with cliche~ish moments every now and need to bother them as I am already satisfied...because VALKYRIA CHRONICLES --- oozes with COOLNESS FACTOR to the bones!! Bwahaha!! Because of this one, I felt faith again!! There is hope in the Anime Community. Bwahahaha!!!


Anyways, back to the topic. I accidentally fell over with this one. I saw its title from somewhere then immediately rushed to myanimelist to check. I was surprised that it received good reviews, because I believe this hasn't received much talkings (or am I Wrong?) Well, anyways..I was actually hesitant at first because I thought it might be a very lousy war title and I just might be put into a suicidal chair. But, GOOD THING...I wasn't blessed with a perfect intuition! Bwahahaha!!!

I easily fell in love with it! It wasn't as heavy as what I thought at first. It actually has nice balance of themes which a good anime could offer: Has a light approach, but with a serious tone; Not bloody, could totally be enjoyed by everyone even children; funny yet touching (kinda reminds you of the holocaust); and of course, the most important ingredient..hihihihi....the ROMANTIC BLINGY that has been circulating my hypothalamus ever since.

Bwahahaha!! Yeah, I'm writing this one because of my undying emotion towards the love pyramid that the main characters have.!! I am not even half the series, yet I already feel this unstoppable urge to say something about my new found love duo!! Wushu! I always find my new dream love team, they are already so many, now I can't even remember them. Don't mind me, I'm talking to myself..hehe ^_^

Anyhowzz..I could say that Valkyria is quite similir with Code Geass, well yeah, of course, since they are of both war type. But good thing, my comparison would be in favor with this one..hehehe.. I enjoyed Geass, but not like with this "smiling - wholeheartedly enjoyment" for Valkyria. => Unlike Code Geass, Valkyria has a soft nature which could give you a relaxing feeling. Although, it's in the middle of a war, you still can't help but be ...happy! Tee hee! I don't know..Happiness is the name of the game. Well, I don't blame Geass, because of course, it is written that way, the plot is very serious and dark. But what I am pointing is that...well,,,hehehe...just to make Valkyria shine...whatever...don't mind me...hehehe...

Where am I? Okay. May I tell you something about the characters? I'm still on episode 14, so I do not know what's still gonna happen next, but from my initial observation, I could say that...WELKIN GUNTHER is totally KAKKOI!! **nosebleed** He's totally a weirdo, but of course, a genius in disguise. Who wouldn't like him? A very naive guy, but is totally an incredible man. He fights with a very sure-to-win plan! And even though, how great and smart his opponents are, he, of course, outlasts them! Nyarhahahahahah!! (kinda fishy, he always wins no matter what)

The heroic Welkin -sama

Then we also have, Alicia. I was so happy that Marina Inoue voices her. My golly, Marina-san always receive good roles but I felt she was already typecasted with this kind of roles..but anywhoozz, so great of her! Back to Alicia, well, she's your typical strong-natured female personality whose prowess captures the hearts of men..Bwuhuhuhu!! I am now being jealous of her..Argh..but I know Welkin-sama and Alicia would be a perfect love team, so I'll let them be.! So that means, noooooooooooooooooooo other partiesss!!! (but this makes the story more interesting..tee hee!)

The aphrodite Alicia - san

Then we also have.. I won't tell it anymore. Since I felt my ramblings had been so out-of-town already. Gomen!

Over all, I am still keeping my hopes high! I know there are more happy episodes to come. I just hope that they don't disappoint. ! **always fingers crossed**

From someone-who-can't-get-over-with-the-romantic-affair-of-this-Anime-100%,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am missing my Yomi-Onee-san! (YOZAKURA QUARTET ANIME REVIEW)

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The cast of Yozakura Quartet
(left - right: Kotoha, Hime, Akina, Ao)

Hmmm...Where to begin? Well, Yozakura Quartet, I could say, falls to the so - so level for me.It's not very bad, but not very good neither. If you have free time, then try watching it, but if you're kinda busy and only goes for the must - type then, it's okay to skip it. You could live your life to the fullest even without seeing this.

Well, I don't mean to bash the anime. I had some little pretty moments actually. hmm..little moments...hehe...I don't know. I like its concept of 'youkai', it always remind me of my Claymore days and Claire -chan..hehe..but anyways, it's kinda cheesy here.

However, I don't think the story has been rushed. It actually has a nice flow for the 12 - episode type. Although I might say, great heroism and character improvement plus coolness factor are lacking in this one. For me, the characters are blah, although they are actually very likable.

For example, the main charac, Akina, I am so rooting for him. I want to him to be the sole savior of the Sakurashin Town, and wishing him to be a super "saiyan" (read: super powers) later in the series, but apparently, he is just a typical human being who is just gifted with a curse which runs in his family,and can only do one thing...tantananannnnn...cleanse youkai. He was overshadowed by the next not-even-cool-but-I-like-her character..

Akina - human

...Hime. She so reminds of Yomi-onee-san from Ga Rei Zero. They are both long hair and beautiful. They are both skilled warriors. The thing that differentiates them (aside from their identities) iis the oozing coolness factor of my greatest onee-san! Yeah boy!!Hime doesn't even have the slightest of it, well, I am so horrible bec. I am comparing the two which should not be the case since they are not of same situation..Well, whatever, don't mind me... Hime has the greatest role in saving her city but I didn't feel much of it that's why even though I like her, she won't make it to the cut.

Hime - Ojousama
With the other characters, let's say..hmmmm...passing marks for them.

With the OP & ED, passing also..but they do not make a recall to my ears..except for that particular BGM,,the one with the english lyrics? Hmm..I'm not sure..hehe..

Overall, I think this anime would only be on my passing level although I do not regret seeing this. I believe, we have different tastes to choose the good and the bad. So it's for you, readers, to decide! (Hmmm...I would be so touched if anyone would just read this..hehe...)

From someone-who-already-moved on-to-a-new-anime-series,