Thursday, October 22, 2009


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The love pyramid
(Welkin x Alicia x Faldio)

Har ~ Har!! I watched it full at last!! Nyarhahaha!!! Well, I was happy I wasn't disappointed. But sure, one thing, I realized..the serious tone doesn't get fine along with the anime, its plot holes are easily seen..Bwahahaha!! But don't care anymore, Romantic + Comedic = Uber SATISFACTION!!


Well, what can I say without any spoilers??? Hmmmm....It ended with a happy ending...You'll already know it!! Although very averag-y and cheesy, I still can't get enough of happily ever after. I got what I want, although I might say I was, of course, been surprised about some unpredictable turn of events. But nevertheless, it added to the sweetness of the story.

Welkin - sama deserves my highest respect!! I truly love him, that's why I would want to see more of his weird expressions and statements. He truly belongs in a unique category of heroes!! Wushu!!

Well, anywayz.... I could say that Valkyria Chronicles isn't perfect. You'll easily spot its weak points. The good thing is, when enjoyment factor would be on discussion, it will surely deliver.

Go Squad 7!
(7 is now my official second fave number, after 4!)

So to all my fellow Otakus --- I would want to share with you the cute moments I felt during my sojourn in the world of Gallia and Empire. I hope you could feel its special aura!! Hehehehe...


From someone-who-wants-to-meet-Welkin-in-the-real-world,