Friday, December 28, 2007


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i finally made it! i have witnessed the greatest drama of the century!!!!!! although my 200 pesos have been spent unwisely because the dvd isnt complete and still have to stream two more episodes, while having problems with connection so the loading have been a loooooooong wait, i was able to watch three episodes of haruhi suzumiya because of that,,only knowing that after the 3rd part of the episode 10 the pc will just reboot...oh GOLLY.. so i still have to wait again for a decade to continue watching,,so i browse, for the moment, related info for haruhi because i got hooked mildly by the show, i thought it would grew into a more interest appreciation for the title but after the loading had finally come to its end and it's the time to continue what have been started....VOILA!!!!!!! the most incredible scenario in the history of man had just happened!!

it is the first time, as i remembered, that i really grab my hair so tightly and hold it so firmly because i felt that i was about to explode and will vanish from where i am sitting..yeah,exaggerated but the feeling is more than that, i really never felt and had reactions like that before, after watching great shows in the past (though i havent watched that lot). even hana kimi (japan) beat up my wooing for such a great show!!!! I CRIED, I LAUGHED, I WAS TOUCHED, I WAS MOVED, I WAS ECSTATIC AND I WAS HOOKED SO BADLY!!!!!! my golly, i really do not wish to expect a lot lot lot greatness from this, aside from reading from a blogger that this is a better one,,the plot was already enough to enjoy, a himono-onna character for a very beautiful and talented HOTARU who receive such good treatment from her kind hearted BUCHOU...woooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i never wished for them to end up together at first because i want hotaru for teshima for he is younger and more handsome but................the world suddenly rotates around its axis that is why my preference eventually changed............ I WANT NOW THE TWO TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER EVEN IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!! hehehehe....

these actors are really great..i really like ayase haruka for portraying the role because he definitely gives truly justice for it..i dont find her over doing it (OA) but i find her expressions really cute through out the show,,and BUCHOU is the ideal man ever!! i thought he is perfect to be the older bro for hotaru but then their relationship should not only be like that.........good thing they really made it...even i wish there would be an extra episode i already feel contented of how the story goes....that if there would be an additional one im scared there would be complications involve but im sure it will be amazingly hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW TOUCHING THE LINES.................
Hotaru: see you.. see you..why?
Buchou: why? because you love me. and i love you too.

^__________________^ woooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007


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It made me want more. I have searched some reviews of R.O.D. TV at animenfo and was surprised to read bad reviews from some viewers. I dont know exactly what are they looking in it and how dare they compare this one to the OVA version. But frankly, I'm really looking forward to watch the three-episode prequel also. They said it is more valuable and is more action packed considering its length. They find it better in terms of characters and story. Surely, because it was shown before the TV and was well exposed before presenting a new wave of craft. Anyways, I do not mind negative reviews about this anime because for me, I never felt any regret while watching it but instead anticipation and excitement grew, making me asking for more.

"R.O.D." makes no sense to me even after watching the anime. I still dont get why does the anime titled that way. But nonetheless, it surely adds to its mystery because one might probably think that this is another psycho-thriller plot again (say, death note), which had happened to me.. hehehe.^.^

The most disappointing part, I think, in the whole packaging would be the unjustified role of my new found heroine, Sensei Nene Sumiregawa. Okay, at first i thought she's just a passer-by, a stranger for a particular episode who would be the first client of the apparent heroic trio (Maggie, Michelle, and Anita) and would be then thankful for their good work for protecting her (err, another damsel in distress). Unfortunately, she didn't disappear as early as I've thought. She stayed and stayed until the very end and was then turned to be an important character in the story. I was delighted, indeed!! I began liking her, since i-dont-know episode and is still mesmerized by her mystery. She's a prefect model for a new modern woman of this age. One who is not afraid to stand and fight for her rights!! She is no lousy beauty at all. But a beauty with a cause,, wahahahah!!! I just dont know why there are fans who think that Yumiko, the main character in the original ROD OVA, has a romantic affair with her? Why????? Is it bad for two friends to care for each other? Isn't that what friends are for? Why do the loneliness of NEnene be meant for some malicious reason?? She's just not missing a friend, but someone who she calls family. Why do people think so different about simple things? What is shoujo-ai has to do with this? I never thought that this would be an example of it while watching the show. It is just a simple friendly relationship.. ***sigh**** i wish others stop thinking of stupid things about my NEne-sama>>

Back to the unfairness of role given to my sensei, well, I have only words for these things: I like the three paper-users' sisters because they give the intensity to the story and light up the mood every once in a while, but Nene-sama is far better than to be a supporting main character. She isn't put at the poster of the anime in some other sources, and if she is there, not that really noticeable. She is like the brain of everything and the source of the story. She had given the plot more excitement than anyone in the show could. She had just got it all: the perfect charisma to be a great main lead of an exciting story. Alas, she isn't yet given this great opportunity (say, a real celebrity hehehehe..) It had ended there. The 26 episodes had been a good blast for me, for i have seen good shots and heard good lines from idol-sama. Although, i cant do anything about the casting anymore....i just wished there would be a spin-off for this title, making nene-nee the lead cast, but that wouldn't be ROD anymore because she isn't having powerful talents that are the usual personalities of the main cast in the preceding titles. Well okay, i just hope to find another nene-sama in another dimension, but she would be the first nene-sama sensei ever!!

PS i dont like yumiko, i felt her voice annoying. i really wonder if she is really a legendary fighter..uh well....till then.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Follow docalion on Twitter's been a while already..i really planned to write in my blog all of the new titles that i have watched recently,,but somehow i find it hard to do, anyway, if blogs are the electronic diaries, my blog could just turn into a waste because, just like a normal diaries i rarely write entries there and leave it with unwritten pages for a while,,anyway, it is still a good thing to have it to check previous memories...

im currently into MONSTER now, actually i have finished watching Detective School Q and enjoyed it, but i am not probably got too hooked to the show because i dont have a single entry for that one..hehehe..anyways, back to MONSTER again..i bought a DVD of it last week and continuously watching it, unluckily the disc went down that is why i turned into a streamer again, but that isnt really bad, it's just that i find wathing shows in DVDs more convenient that streaming them on the iNet...

i am really eager to watch this anime due to sooo many great reviews i have been reading about it..and as far as i have been seeing, it is realllllllllllllly one of kind...somehow i find it cooler than DEATH NOTE but not to the point that i almost agreed with darkness just like in Kira's show.. anyways, i am realllllllllllllllllllllly so impppppppreeeeeessed with the lead, DR. TENMA. he is such a genius. i hope there is an existing human like him in this world, though i know that there are really great people esp. doctors that are reigning today..but DR. TENMA is really superb!!!!!!

i'll just end it here so sleepy, still need to wake up early tomorrow...till then

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hoshi no Koe Anime Review

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Just a quick one...I just finished the "voices of a distant star" on youtube,,,,waaaaaaaahhh... the best 30 minute show ever!!!!! It was really worth the time. I am having problems with the sound that is why the intensity of the show didn't get me in so much, but still it had me goose bumped! I love the ending!! I love watching sad and morbid endings, like those of Korean dramas especially, because they give you a new atmosphere of a new genre.. Although, I want the main characters to end up together after those confusing light years differences ( i got twisted when i think of this technicality), I think making them afar from each other best suit the theme. I just loved the dialogues!!! Very nostalgic and very PROFOUND!!! Here are some of my favorite lines

***excerpt from siliwily***

Mikako Nagamine
- ... say, you know Noboru, I have a lot of things I reminisce about. After all I have nothing here for example you know...
Noboru Terao - ...for example, things like summer clouds and the cold rain... things like the smell of a fall breeze...
Mikako Nagamine - the sound of rain drops hitting an umbrella... like the softness of Spring soil... like the feeling of peace at the convenience store in the middle of the night...
Noboru Terao - ... and then you know, like the cool wind after school...
Mikako Nagamine - ... like the smell of chalkboard erasers...
Noboru Terao - ... like the sound of a truck passing by in the middle of the night...
Mikako Nagamine - ... like the smell of asphalt in the rain. Noboru, things like that, I have all this time...
Noboru Terao - ...I have all this time thought that I would like to experience these with you Mikako.
Mikako Nagamine - The armada is sinking! I have to defend the Lysithea! Say, Noboro... we are far, far, very, very, far apart...
Noboru Terao - ... but it might be that thoughts can overcome time and distance.
Mikako Nagamine - Noboru, have you ever thought about something like that?
Noboru Terao - If... if for even one instant something like that could happen what would I think? What would Mikako think?
Mikako Nagamine - ...say, there is probably one thing we would think. Say Noboru...
[ Both ]: ... I am here.

waaahhhhh!!!!!!!! I want to cry, but I can't. I need to watch this again. Feels not getting used to it...I WANT MORE!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

After watching the last episode of DEATH NOTE (DEATH NOTE ANIME REVIEW - SORT OF)

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I really want Light to die, because of that evil grin of his face towards L's dying moment. I am more of Light before, because I don't find him really cruel. For me, he's really cool. But after that episode 25, I changed into L. Now that I have seen this final episode, I feel pity for Light. I feel sorry because his hard works were never paid off, maybe because those were unjust things. But seeing the main character in the story beaten badly is saddening. I thought there would be a more intense scene between Light and N, that would make N move from his position. But the ending makes me feel depressed, it is not because it's a bad one, but really a dramatic act to end the show. The route of Light towards his death with perfect music really makes me want to cry. He is so hopeless. He has nobody with him anymore. No followers to cheer, no lovers to tease, no family and co-workers to command and no L, (his only friend?) to be handcuffed with. I thought L would also give that evil grin in return to that dying body of Light, good thing he did not...because it is the most perfect moment. It seems to me that L is finally fetching Light to go home,,,"the school day is over, now we can finally walk home together"...

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Friday, November 9, 2007


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The reason why i started blogging is primarily to let go of the wild emotions who are dying to crack up brought by the multiple enjoyment from different shows I have watched recently. And one of these fads I have developed currently that makes me gaga over it is the Japanese TV Series - HANA KIMI (hanakazakiri no kimitachi e) which is adapted from a manga turned anime show. I am a fan of Asian Dramas and really enjoy them a lot, that is why browsing the net would be incomplete unless I visit a site which features updates about them. And I often see cover of Taiwan's star actress Ella of SHE in which she seems to be naked with two boys around him. The series might be a good one, as seen in the poster, which gives me an impression of a comedy genre. It says Hana Kimi as its title. Obviously, this is, again, another manga adaptation and there might be a Japanese version too. I am much curious about the Jap one than the Taiwanes version since I don't feel Ella that much as an Idol. I know it's kind of late because these dramas are long finished and are been discussed numerously around forums here in the internet. But, my badness, it is just recently where i found crunchyroll to be of great help of finding good shows on the inet. And this is where I try my luck. I searched for HANA KIMI...and tadaa --series complete.!

I watched the drama at first with my younger sister, but it really surprised me when I found myself hooking over the drama alone every night. It takes me days to finish the 12 episodes of the series because I make it two subs at night..wheew!!! Two of 45 minutes is quite exhausting to me already..but I stand firm, even my sis gave it up already. I can't blame her, she still have classes, lucky me - still on vacation! And after all the anticipation...thunder rolls and lightning strikes.....GRABEEH!! I thought Hana Yori Dango is the drama of the century until I saw the "threesome" and gave them my over whelming congratulations!

WARNING!!! do not try to watch the drama,, you'll get ADDICTED..

The story goes like this: a girl named Ashiya Mizuki (Maki) who is based in US, transferred in a Japanese All-boys School, Ohsaka High School, to make his athlete idol (Sano) in this school jump again. In order to do this, Mizuki have to pass through mishaps and predicaments to make his identity a secret while she is normally acting a boy in front of all the dormitory students. She gained friends and allies while staying at the place and had adventures too. She keeps in mind her true mission while having the best time of her life at the school with the help of her new found bestfriend Nakatsu (Toma) who is secretly in love with her. But how long can her secret identity last? And how would her life be changed by doing this mission?

And now, let me present to you the people who are around of this CONSPIRACY!

Nakatsu Shuichi (Ikuta Toma)

The first time I saw tomasu was during my high school years where my cousin started talking about "shounen club" and her KAT-TUN idols. Toma-chan is one of those whose pictures really made me think that there are great looking guys, aside from F4, outside the Philippines here in Asia. He's a part of the talent agency where my cousin's idols are currently in. She introduced her Japanese sense of idolism to us, newbies (me and my siblings), who later had been helpful in identifying Asian idols eventually..hehehe ^_^

I think this drama had given the greatest break in Toma-chan's career. I used to research him before but failed to come up with good resources, unlike now, where countless fans of different races started blogging about him. Now the information is at hand, finally! You cant blame these people who really drool over him. Who would not fall in love with such a jolly and cool character of Nakatsu in Ohsaka High Shool? His sole reactions in every scene are really markable. He is the soul of the series. Only Aliens from outer space might not appreciate his presence in this drama,,but unless you are not, and is real humanoid,, you will surely ask for more from him!

Ashiya Mizuki (Horikita

I thought Mao Inoue of Hana Yori Dango Series is the cutest teen idol in Japan already (although I am not really so sure, I have not yet watched several Japanese dramas) but i was so disappointed when I found out that my admiration for my teen idol suddenly dropped when I saw Maki-sama played the role of Ashiya on Hana Kimi. I do not know this actress yet until I watched the series. She looks plain to me. But after browsing some pictures more, and getting some information, and finally loving her role in the drama,,OMG! She is so precious. She looks so kawaii even he is pretending to be a boy, but to me, she's obviously a girl. After using her image in this blog and on friendster, I've decided to watch her other drama series also. I want more of her. So cute girl!

Sano Izumi (Oguri Shun)

I remember this guy as Uchi on the hit Jdorama, Gokusen in which was lead by Yukie "Yankumi" Nakama (i miss her) with my idol-ever Jun Matsumoto. He is one of my favorite characters in the show. His hair is so memorable. I don't know what kind of style is that, but it looks cool: long, blonde, braided hair. It compliments his personality. The second time I have seen him is when he played the role of Hanazawa Rui with MatsuJun in Hana Yori Dango. He is second to Jun again, Yippee!!! I don't like his character that much although this is also the same character played by Vic of F4 (Lei) in Meteor Garden. I like Vic's role in that show, because Vic Zhou is my idol. However, Shun stand tall in his industry. I know he's one of the sought after celebrities in Japan and even played Shinichi Kudo in the live version of Detective Conan. I am going to watch it very soon! Shun's role as Sano Izumi in HK drama is not that outstanding compared to other casts in the show. This might because of, again, his morbid attitude where he is a loner and opposes by a jolly fellow, in the character of Nakatsu-sama. That is why there are times in the series that I don't want to watch scenes where he is included because of his boring attitude unlike Nakatsu's comedic skits. I never miss a part,though. But he is talented for sure, because he might not have those long list of works on his profile in wiki if he's not really that good enough on his chosen path after all.

Nanba Minami (Mizushima Hiro)

I wish MatsuJun was in this drama. The title says it's a "hottie paradise". Well, not all actors are really that hotties, as the title suggests, but there are really casts that are worth seeing here.A good drama where no MatsuJun is quite depressing but having someone who resembles like him, well, is forgiven. I was relieved when I saw my senpai. There are scenes that I can never tell whose actor is playing Nanba. Is MatsuJun had a cameo appearance in the show? jun matsumoto

But even the truth knocks me that my idol-sama wasn't in the show, I still feel glad that Hiro-san got to play the role. He really stood as the best Senpai ever. Very good at handling things. I wish in reality there is really a Nanba-senpai who all kouhai
can trust.

Kagurazaka Makoto (Shirota Yuu)

Whew! Another Hottie. At first, I thought he is just an ordinary and a regular guy. He is Tezuka-san in PoT Live. Although he is good looking, I think his role for the great tennis player is questionable (i haven't watched the movie, though, only trailers).Why? Because...he is over-quaaaaalified! This half Japanese-Spanish idol is really the man! He attends another school in the series but is really essential in the story. His kissing scene with Sano (Shun) is really funny but his masculinity wasn't harm at all. He is still the boy next door.

Senri Nakao (Kimura Ryo)

He is obviously a "homo" in the series, which makes the show wackier. At first I thought that his affection for Nanba-senpai is just for pure infatuation but I was mistaken. It was deeper..dramatic** an intimate friend, so close and near, who worries more about the welfare of his greatest buddy who is in confusion.Anyways, thanks to him, he really adds flavor to the show. And his kissing with Nanba-senpai is the best.

**kiss on cheeks**
Nakao: Happy! ^__^
Nanba: Unhappy.. : - (

Sekime Kyogo (Osada Masaki)

I find Sekime-san a cutie in the series. He is the other athlete who competes with Sano in the sports competition and had defended Sano in many occasions. He is the first friend of Mizuki in the drama, as told by the heroine in the ending part, but I don't remember honestly how do these two met each other. I think I should look out for that one again. His confrontation with Mizuki in the farewell episode of the series really made a mark in me. He got me cried there. He's awesome!

Kayashima Taiki (Yamamoto Yusuke)

He is the dorm mate of Nakatsu in the series. He looks weird. And looks dirty to me, too. But he is a kindhearted person. He is the first one to know that Mizuki is a girl but did not reveal it since he thought it would not be important. He is noted for his hand gesture (putting them up) whenever he sense something, as bad auras or any spirit. I went to photobucket to get some pictures of the actors. I was surprised when I got a 2-page frames of pictures for this guy, because I wasn't expecting anything. The truth is, when I typed Ryo's and Masaki's names in the site, I wasn't able to come up with useful results. To think that those two are far better in looks, this man might be something incredible!

There you have it. My dosage of healthy life style. There are also funny characters in the series, like the both dorm heads of dorm 1 and 3 and the St. Blossom girls, Hibari and the Hibari four.But these persons I have listed are my favorites in the show. Others might not understand this fanatic feeling until they try it their selves. Why not take the greatest recipe ever, and savor every moment of it!

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I dont like light-chan anymore (DEATH NOTE ANIME REVIEW)

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Finally!! because of so many disturbances,, my thoughts and feelings for a certain topic dropped drastically.. sigh..

I'm currently watching the anime DEATH NOTE from a DVD lend by a first i was cheering for Light Yagami, the main character of the story, although the hero is obviously the evil guy in the story, i still want him to live despite that he used his power for excessive wrong doings (killing criminals in the world is a not a bad idea: less crimes, peaceful environment and fearless society,i thought too at first,but too much of something is really bad enough, and this is where Light ruins his own life) because i know there is something that is behind the demon mask in his face..there might be the real sense of justice in his hand and eventually draw the story into the conclusion that light is a good man after all and can be saved in the end of series because I'm thinking he might die at the end,as such, good always win, and be a good friend with the villain, the anti-main, L/Ryuzaki.

is the good guy where he tries to catch Light because he suspects him a lot to be the one who's doing the killings, despite all the precautions that Light is using just to keep his own identity a secret. These two are geniuses for sure. One does not let the other catch one's eye. I'm so happy when Light lose his memory. He cant remember his doing when he is still Kira, the evil Light , and because of that Light will be finally on the side of justice at last! Unfortunately, all of these happenings were according to Light's original deadly plan..huhuhu...he's such a mischievous man..Hmp! I thought that even Light gained his lost memories and desire for his ambition, he would have a change of mind over L's case because they had spent time with handcuffs together for a while as comrades looking after the current evil where Light rests for some time. But, Yagami Light didn't change at all. He is as evil as ever...Now i know why people in the internet much prefer L over Light...the EPISODE 25: SILENCE tells that Light does not own a human heart anymore..he used to have one: red, pumping, healthy, but now this human heart is replaced by a gray-black solid, steady, gruesome, morbid, metal plastic heart already!!!!

I used to like you, Light..but after giving those evil grin and those..those red eyes over L's dying gentle body and pretending to mourn his death, is the most despicable thing you had ever did in the series.. i don't care anymore if you get confused to the new smart successor of L in which he can suspect you and target you using his new and improved methods just to kill you! Light, you're so baaaaaaaaaaad!!

I know I'm over reacting, but to betray a person who thinks you are the only person in the world who he calls FRIEND is so much to begin with...I can't help but cry whenever I remember that particular scene where L dries Light's wet foot using a towel after the soaking-in the-rain part in the roof top...L must be really lonely,,only having an old man, Watari, on his side...**sigh** I don't blame the Shinigami who did that killing,,he actually sacrificed hi life for this unfortunate incident where LIGHT stood as the brain master.

I hope DEATH NOTE ends satisfactory, though.

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