Friday, December 28, 2007


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i finally made it! i have witnessed the greatest drama of the century!!!!!! although my 200 pesos have been spent unwisely because the dvd isnt complete and still have to stream two more episodes, while having problems with connection so the loading have been a loooooooong wait, i was able to watch three episodes of haruhi suzumiya because of that,,only knowing that after the 3rd part of the episode 10 the pc will just reboot...oh GOLLY.. so i still have to wait again for a decade to continue watching,,so i browse, for the moment, related info for haruhi because i got hooked mildly by the show, i thought it would grew into a more interest appreciation for the title but after the loading had finally come to its end and it's the time to continue what have been started....VOILA!!!!!!! the most incredible scenario in the history of man had just happened!!

it is the first time, as i remembered, that i really grab my hair so tightly and hold it so firmly because i felt that i was about to explode and will vanish from where i am sitting..yeah,exaggerated but the feeling is more than that, i really never felt and had reactions like that before, after watching great shows in the past (though i havent watched that lot). even hana kimi (japan) beat up my wooing for such a great show!!!! I CRIED, I LAUGHED, I WAS TOUCHED, I WAS MOVED, I WAS ECSTATIC AND I WAS HOOKED SO BADLY!!!!!! my golly, i really do not wish to expect a lot lot lot greatness from this, aside from reading from a blogger that this is a better one,,the plot was already enough to enjoy, a himono-onna character for a very beautiful and talented HOTARU who receive such good treatment from her kind hearted BUCHOU...woooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i never wished for them to end up together at first because i want hotaru for teshima for he is younger and more handsome but................the world suddenly rotates around its axis that is why my preference eventually changed............ I WANT NOW THE TWO TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER EVEN IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!! hehehehe....

these actors are really great..i really like ayase haruka for portraying the role because he definitely gives truly justice for it..i dont find her over doing it (OA) but i find her expressions really cute through out the show,,and BUCHOU is the ideal man ever!! i thought he is perfect to be the older bro for hotaru but then their relationship should not only be like that.........good thing they really made it...even i wish there would be an extra episode i already feel contented of how the story goes....that if there would be an additional one im scared there would be complications involve but im sure it will be amazingly hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW TOUCHING THE LINES.................
Hotaru: see you.. see you..why?
Buchou: why? because you love me. and i love you too.

^__________________^ woooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I just finish Hotaru no Hikari last night. Watch the second half of the show in 5 hours straight! And I think now this is my new No. 1 dorama. Nobuta wo Produce used to be the one.
I'm in love with the relationship between Buchou and Hotaru. Hotaru's messiness and childish ways, and Buchou's calm style. They're perfect together. And I just love this dorama SOOOO MUCH! I kept praying in each episode that Hotaru and Buchou will end up together. Like you, now I want Naohito and Ayase to really end up together in real life.