Friday, February 13, 2009

How would you read this? (XXXHOLIC ANIME REVIEW)

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What can you say about the opening song?
Don't tell me you're just on the okay level???
Shut up!!!!
Go and get some cotton buds to clean your ears right now!! As in right now!!

My gosh!!! How could I almost miss this one??? I bought this with D. Gray Man, and I planned to watch the shounen first, thinking that Holic might suck and I would be
jinxed by it. Oh yes, I had that thought. How horrible...but, MUKYAAA~~~I was left in AWE!!.

I don't have high expectations with this one. Clamp's works remind me of Card Captor and Magic Knight Rayearth, both I enjoyed when I was in grade school, but watching them today doesn't make me a fan anymore. That's why I have doubts,, and doubts, and doubts, until....I heard the OPening...

Wushu!! it keeps on singing in my head until now,,for real..It definitely grew in me...How could you not like this? this song simply makes you for a good mood...and is so so so so appropriate for the anime it self...Yosh!

I never thought that I would love all the CHARACTERS in this one. Yuuko-san is the most LOVABLE Witch, as described in the DVD cover, I have ever known. it's okay that she isn't given much of a development compared to other leads because her general presence makes her femininity stand out the best!! I love her, she's like a bigger sister..Tee-hee ^__^

Watanuki is the most vulnerable male character I've ever met...hehehe, as if...He is so handsome when he is serious..I remember the first episode where he is walking in the street so seriously then suddenly started to run so fast as if someone is chasing him, later on revealed that he is being annoyed by the spirits which made him roll in the road for cute attention-getter for a start...He is voiced by my second favorite dubber, Jun Fukuyama,so great of him...

Is the relationship between Doumeki and Watanuki considered as Shounen Ai? Can it be called simply as Friendship? Why people have to label simple gestures as it is??? Sigh~~~ Whatever...

Anyways, the animation doesn't seem realistic..I mean how the characters are drawn, they don't seem like real people..But I think the artwork is great,,Well, I'm not really good with this technical stuff...hek hekkk.,,

Overall, this is a SUUUUPPPERRR recommended Anime. I have my best times, my average moments and my love-to-watch-it-at-night-but-is-so-scary-i-always-look-at-my-back syndrome...heheheheh

From me,
Your Love BUG


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I already have an account in myanimelist and I started doing reviews of anime that I just recently watched. Well, since this blog is all about it then I better just use my reviews from it to add it up to my entries..hehehe...just recycling...Whatever...

Here are some animes that I've finished since this second semester but I wasn't able to have some reviews...

darker than Black
Code Geass 1 and 2
Vampire Knight

My Boss My hero

haven't finished yet,,,,

Basilisk --huhuhu..want to watch it right now
Over Drive - don't think I have the drive to move on
Toradora - I don't know, seems cute but is so Shoujoooooo, no excitement
Hayate No Gotoku - not sure, kinda much parody, i dont like rie's voice, so sorry, just like in toradora
Rental Magica - what happened? haven't i finish this one?? My gosh...i have to...not great not bad
Ghost Hound - not yet there i think, no improvement,,,hope to improve
Gurren Lagann - thinking to buy it in the dvd instead, sure this is a keeper

Zettai Kareshi

currenty going...

shows in store....(recently bought-dvds)
D. Gray Man

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing much

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Don't you think Rie Fu's voice so charming? It's so gentle and soothing. Aahh~~~~

Listening from some of her songs, (Tsukiakari, D.Gray Man's, GDestiny's) calming...

After watching the 18th episode of Skip Beat,,,,, (SKIP BEAT ANIME REVIEW - SORT OF)

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Bwahahaha!!! All Hail Skip Beat!!!

Isn't Episode 18 the best yet??? I hope it isn't. Because My Anticipation level keeps on rising after watching this one. Bwahahaha!!!

I'm for Kyoko and Ren, but OM-to-d-G!! I never thought Sho and Kyo look so KAWAII together!! Their quarrels surely look like simple LQs to me, don't feel any anger. Bwahahaha!! Now it's getting complicated. Ren is starting to show his real feelings towards Kyoko and Sho is beginning to develop a crush on her..What a DIMENSIONAL LOVE TRIANGLE./....Now, I'm getting confused which love team should I give my support?

Who cares? Is it even the time for that...C'mon people make the Good times Roll!!! This is so Precious!!! Can't wait for the NEXT EP!

Lovingly yours,
An eager neophyte from Love Me Section



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Wahahaha!!! Don't waste your time contemplating whether you're gonna watch this or not. I'm telling you, go directly to your favorite streaming site or prepare your torrent downloader for this. This ANIME will shake your life.

well, not really, ahem, kinda just carried away...

I just made a recommendation of Skip Beat, it's with Ouran Host Club. My Ouran is my 2nd favorite anime,because i believe it greatly represents the SHOUJO GENRE. to tell the truth, i enjoy better shounen anime than shoujos, but OURAN changed my well with SKIP BEAT. Wahahahah!

Who wouldn't love Kyoko, the main lead. I'll admit it. I can see some part of me into her character. I still wish to be a princess, there's still the little child inside in me who still believes in fairy tales. Even though Kyoko is not speaking of it, her feminine side is so realistic and is so relevant to the youth today.

A good lead is one my criteria in choosing anime. Just like Haruhi, I really really like free-spirited, intelligent, smart and strong-willed heroine. AND KYOKO FULLY EMBODIES IT. She's way better than my Haruhi-chan. OH mY GOSH!

The REVENGE part is the best thing, because this help us to see the real Kyoko. I like her. She's not a show off. Yes, she might be a cry baby but is never an annoying one. She has a good disposition in life. She is not lady-like, which is the BEST about her personality. She is not boxed. WUSHU!

And Ren, wufufufu! To think that Jerry Yan is gonna portray his character in the live action adaptation is such a...a....a.....a..........FEAST TO CELEBRATE...wUSHU~ I'm thinking of RAIN. well, whatever. Ren Tsuruga is not your ordinary good boy bishounen. Good ThinG! I hate Gentle Lead Male who is SO GOOD TO BE TRUE! He has also his own evil ways, well, towards Kyoko. Which makes the 2 a more romantic couple...

There goes SHO,,I also like his character even though he's supposed to be the antagonist. not only because my favorite dubber voiced him (MAMORU MIYANO) but he's also NOT AN ARCHETYPE. He's the coolest villain evAH!

Well, if you like interesting characters like me, and just wanna have plenty of good and goofy times, try this right now. This will even surpass the Twilight Craze...BWAHAHAHAH!! Let's SKIP THE BEAT!

I also like Moko-san, Kyoko's partner...
I hate Ariel Lin,,I don't want her to do Kyoko's role...can they change the casting please...
Looking for more happy episodes...

Love lots,
a newbie from Love Me Section