Saturday, May 30, 2009


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Sorry to bother you...**wink** **wink**

but i feel like writing this before the whole emotion go away...


I'm currently watching Galileo. I already had a copy a year ago but it was only now I decided to try it out. And guess what, i found something totally new!

Nope! It's not about the the whole detective thing. It wasn't about the physics theory and the solutions to its myteries but a very not related subject.


I found my new love team. Mukyaaaaa!!!!!!

O yes! Yukawa-sensei (Fukayama Masaharu) and Utsumi-kun (Shibasaki Kou) are SUCH A SUPER PERFECT COUPLE!! Wushu!

Oh my gosh! I totally wish they both end up together, not only in the drama but in REAL LIFE too. OMG to the highest power!!! This is actually a bonus in the drama since it isn't a romance type but what a PLEASANT BONUS IT IS! Oh my goshness!!! I can't concentrate in the drama anymore. Kou Shibasaki is so beautiful and Masaharu Fukuyama is totally handsome. It is so undeniable that they are the love team to beat! It's only once in a blue moon that I got to react like this but it's totally worth it (the other one is my Hotaru and Buchou love team from Hotaru no Hikari).

Now, I promised my self to make drama review first for Rookies since I already seen it weeks ago and follow it with Hana Yori Dango the Movie, but I didn't know what happen, Galileo isn't the best in the basket and quite predictable at times but it certainly presents something new and hookablity formula which I really don't know what it is ( or maybe it's really the tandem of the leads, super heheheheh)

Anyways, I'm in the last episode. I'm planning to torrent the special and the movie along with Rookies (hoping I could find already one for it).

Anyways, I'm hoping to see more Yukawa-sensei and Utsumi-kun moments until the end.

A scene in the last episode
(Not really a romantic scene but it is so romantic for me. The distance speaks a lot. It seems there is really something going on. Fufufufufu :)

From someone-who-promised-to-post-another-pix-of-the-main leads-soon,
Me ^_^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Two weeks before school starts.

I just finished my OJT. At last, now I can have my vacation.

Ahem...not that fast, You see, we have to attend a general assembly in our previous company where we had our first OJT, and we have to prepare a special number for it. And we haven't done any practices yet..It's gonna be on Friday...Sigh...I dont wanna leave the house coz I wanna enjoy the remaining days of my vacation moments,,,need still to work out. Sigh*** I dont wanna go there. Huhuhuhuuhuhu....


I'm having my wisdom tooth. It's not nice.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomic Thoughts

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I'm having my second OJT.

I haven't written my review for Rookies.

My friend and sister just recently finished watching 1 liter of tears. They said it was really life changing. Now, it makes me think back the moments that I had while watching it then. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make any reviews of it. (Why?)

My back is a burden. It's aching on and off. Hehehe...

I'm currently loving Kiseki by Greeeen and Taylor Swift's Our song.

Still planning to go for David vs David Concert this Saturday in MOA. Woooah! I really want to, but the thought of not seeing them in the concert breaks my heart. We'll be at the farthest part if we're gonna be there. **Huhuhuh***

We'll love to update soon once I got to have my break. Hana Yori Dango Movie just finished downloading. Here we go!

From me,

Friday, May 8, 2009


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**Spoiler Ahead - Beware -Spoiler Ahead - Beware -Spoiler Ahead - Beware -Spoiler Ahead****

How can such a devil woman not have some sort of punishment after doing some cruel things and devilish acts to people? HMph!!!

I really do not know the key point of the writers of just keeping the arrogance of the devil sister until the end. I was hoping she would eventually tone down and repent on her bad doings but it turned out that she, at the end, still lived as the ALLY OF JUSTICE!. So poor Kumako-chan ^~^ The freedom she longs for ages will never come true..(*@*) so sad...haizt...


Now I'll stop complaining...

.....cuz' ......I'm So Super Extremely Happy that I finally seen Seigi no Mikata in its true form...Gyabooo!!!

What part would you not like in this one? Well, as for me, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!

If you are looking for a real feel-good Jdorama that has standards, then this one is SURELY a Keeper!! The story of an older sister who bullies her lil sis is quite something and NEW, although, as for mine, it's the other way around.....hehehehehe...Anywayzzzz..

I thought this one would be all about making the older sis learn a lesson and would be a melo-drama but, surprisingly, it made me cry laughing.....!! The chemistry between the older sis, Makiko (Yu Yamada) and younger sis, Youko (Shida Mirai) is truly a treasure.. They look so good together, and really looked like sisters in real life. They played their parts so so well. I was surprised by Yu Yamada. I know she's a real beauty from the start so I do not expect her to do such absurd things like that of my Hotaru-sama (Haruka Ayase from Hotaru no Hikari). But when she began to do her lil develish gestures with, of course, a lot of funny actions, I realized why she is truly the ALLY OF JUSTICE. Shida Mirai, of course, is a given. She can really act..and act so well. Her performance in the Queen's Classroom is really astounding and here is her another best. Mind you,,,these two ladies received acting awards,,which I think they truly deserve.

The devil Makiko
(Yu Yamada)

Devil but funny!

The bubly Kumako - Youko
(Shida Mirai)

Go Kumako!

The supporting characters were also well portrayed. Naoki-san (Mukai Osamu) is so KAKKOI!! He is super good-looking. He looks like Nicholas Teo but my sister doesn't believe it. He and Makiko look so good together. And I am so happy that the two of them appeared in another Jdorama together, Mei-chan's Butler,..Wushu! I'm definitely going to check it Out! Kanata Hongo who played the love interest of our bubly lil sis is a truly bishounen in the making. He's not a Johnny's but he is so skinny. Why do a lot of Japanese men especially teenagers look so skinny? They are pretty faces but their bodies are a no-no! What kind of trend is that??? Well, anyways, Kanata and Shida have a potential. They are a team to be looked out very soon.

The two families were so lovable, especially that of the sisters'. I like it when they are arguing. I especially like the last episode where they are debating about the divorce and the sisters were quiet, and Youko was contemplating that she had never seen her sister so frailed before, and the memories of her strong sister rushed into her and because of LOVE, she stood up to defend her big sis! It was such a touching scene. I cried so much. I won't tell you what happen next. Find it your self..Mwah mwah mwah!!!

**some momentszz**

All in all, the drama is a winner. It has a nice BGM and a cute theme song. Want to be entertained? Check this one now. And prepare your heart from laughing.

From a confused why-the-sister-never-gets-a-punishment,
Me ^_^