Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomic Thoughts

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I'm having my second OJT.

I haven't written my review for Rookies.

My friend and sister just recently finished watching 1 liter of tears. They said it was really life changing. Now, it makes me think back the moments that I had while watching it then. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make any reviews of it. (Why?)

My back is a burden. It's aching on and off. Hehehe...

I'm currently loving Kiseki by Greeeen and Taylor Swift's Our song.

Still planning to go for David vs David Concert this Saturday in MOA. Woooah! I really want to, but the thought of not seeing them in the concert breaks my heart. We'll be at the farthest part if we're gonna be there. **Huhuhuh***

We'll love to update soon once I got to have my break. Hana Yori Dango Movie just finished downloading. Here we go!

From me,