Saturday, December 15, 2007


Follow docalion on Twitter's been a while already..i really planned to write in my blog all of the new titles that i have watched recently,,but somehow i find it hard to do, anyway, if blogs are the electronic diaries, my blog could just turn into a waste because, just like a normal diaries i rarely write entries there and leave it with unwritten pages for a while,,anyway, it is still a good thing to have it to check previous memories...

im currently into MONSTER now, actually i have finished watching Detective School Q and enjoyed it, but i am not probably got too hooked to the show because i dont have a single entry for that one..hehehe..anyways, back to MONSTER again..i bought a DVD of it last week and continuously watching it, unluckily the disc went down that is why i turned into a streamer again, but that isnt really bad, it's just that i find wathing shows in DVDs more convenient that streaming them on the iNet...

i am really eager to watch this anime due to sooo many great reviews i have been reading about it..and as far as i have been seeing, it is realllllllllllllly one of kind...somehow i find it cooler than DEATH NOTE but not to the point that i almost agreed with darkness just like in Kira's show.. anyways, i am realllllllllllllllllllllly so impppppppreeeeeessed with the lead, DR. TENMA. he is such a genius. i hope there is an existing human like him in this world, though i know that there are really great people esp. doctors that are reigning today..but DR. TENMA is really superb!!!!!!

i'll just end it here so sleepy, still need to wake up early tomorrow...till then