Monday, December 24, 2007


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It made me want more. I have searched some reviews of R.O.D. TV at animenfo and was surprised to read bad reviews from some viewers. I dont know exactly what are they looking in it and how dare they compare this one to the OVA version. But frankly, I'm really looking forward to watch the three-episode prequel also. They said it is more valuable and is more action packed considering its length. They find it better in terms of characters and story. Surely, because it was shown before the TV and was well exposed before presenting a new wave of craft. Anyways, I do not mind negative reviews about this anime because for me, I never felt any regret while watching it but instead anticipation and excitement grew, making me asking for more.

"R.O.D." makes no sense to me even after watching the anime. I still dont get why does the anime titled that way. But nonetheless, it surely adds to its mystery because one might probably think that this is another psycho-thriller plot again (say, death note), which had happened to me.. hehehe.^.^

The most disappointing part, I think, in the whole packaging would be the unjustified role of my new found heroine, Sensei Nene Sumiregawa. Okay, at first i thought she's just a passer-by, a stranger for a particular episode who would be the first client of the apparent heroic trio (Maggie, Michelle, and Anita) and would be then thankful for their good work for protecting her (err, another damsel in distress). Unfortunately, she didn't disappear as early as I've thought. She stayed and stayed until the very end and was then turned to be an important character in the story. I was delighted, indeed!! I began liking her, since i-dont-know episode and is still mesmerized by her mystery. She's a prefect model for a new modern woman of this age. One who is not afraid to stand and fight for her rights!! She is no lousy beauty at all. But a beauty with a cause,, wahahahah!!! I just dont know why there are fans who think that Yumiko, the main character in the original ROD OVA, has a romantic affair with her? Why????? Is it bad for two friends to care for each other? Isn't that what friends are for? Why do the loneliness of NEnene be meant for some malicious reason?? She's just not missing a friend, but someone who she calls family. Why do people think so different about simple things? What is shoujo-ai has to do with this? I never thought that this would be an example of it while watching the show. It is just a simple friendly relationship.. ***sigh**** i wish others stop thinking of stupid things about my NEne-sama>>

Back to the unfairness of role given to my sensei, well, I have only words for these things: I like the three paper-users' sisters because they give the intensity to the story and light up the mood every once in a while, but Nene-sama is far better than to be a supporting main character. She isn't put at the poster of the anime in some other sources, and if she is there, not that really noticeable. She is like the brain of everything and the source of the story. She had given the plot more excitement than anyone in the show could. She had just got it all: the perfect charisma to be a great main lead of an exciting story. Alas, she isn't yet given this great opportunity (say, a real celebrity hehehehe..) It had ended there. The 26 episodes had been a good blast for me, for i have seen good shots and heard good lines from idol-sama. Although, i cant do anything about the casting anymore....i just wished there would be a spin-off for this title, making nene-nee the lead cast, but that wouldn't be ROD anymore because she isn't having powerful talents that are the usual personalities of the main cast in the preceding titles. Well okay, i just hope to find another nene-sama in another dimension, but she would be the first nene-sama sensei ever!!

PS i dont like yumiko, i felt her voice annoying. i really wonder if she is really a legendary fighter..uh well....till then.