Sunday, February 3, 2008


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what can i say!!! i think OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB IS THE GREATEST SHOUJO ANIME EVEEEEEEEEER PRODUCED!!! i have just finished Ghost Hunt right before OURAN and thought to be really hooked there...but my excitement and enjoyment dropped down due to the unexplainable intensity brought by this CRAZY ANIME!! actually, i really prefer watching shounen and seinen type anime rather than those of shoujo because it gives you the spark and the "it" to continue, though i used to like CCS AND Fruits Basket, and got this ghost hunt recently (im still confused on how to determine if it is a shoujo anime inspite of its boyish story, you know what i mean?)

anyway, what made me got into this anime is through great ratings from various reviews i have read looking for good anime to watch..and thanks to all reviewers from animenfo who brought me here and presented worth-seeing shows for all otaku.. WOOOHHHH!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! it ended there!! my anticipation had just finally appeared to its halt. how could it be that's a 26-episode anime and yet it feels like to be 12..I WANT MORE!!

i just made my picture perfect to be MAI TANIYAMA of ghost hunt but i have to change her now already for it must be replaced my HARUHI FUJIOKA-SAMA!!! I LIKE HER!! but it is because she is the center of attention of my new found bishounen SUOH TAMAKI-SAMA!!! I REALLY REALLY LIKE THESE COUPLE...

i really do not know the real story of OURAN before i have watched it..i just have faith through all the good reviews i have read and luckily they did not disappoint me...WUSHU!! the FIRST EPISODE is still the best for me!!! WAAH!!! i was hoping silently that this new student, HARUHI, isn't a man for i want her to fall for someone from the HOST CLUB because i really think she is super cute!!! so KAWAIIIIIIIIIII!!! after that, i know it must be TAMAKI AND HARUHI FOREVER!! like MAI and NARU FOR-EVER!!

the story made me change my perception towards the host (hosto) job presented in the show.. i thought it is like selling your body to gain profit but i was surprised how does the anime did it so..or is it really like this (?) their job is really cool and so funny!! i dont mind some boy to boy scene down there, like between the hitachiin brothers and with hunny and mori-senpai...they are all unqie and so cute!!! woooh!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS ---SO KAWAIIIII!!

this anime made me forget all the tasks of being a student!!! so so so great!!! waaah!!! IT JUST MAKES ME WONDER WHY PEOPLE GO OVER THE OTHER HARUHI (SUZUMIYA) WHEN FUJIOKA AND HIS BUDDIES ARE FAR BETTER THAN THEM!!!