Friday, November 9, 2007

I dont like light-chan anymore (DEATH NOTE ANIME REVIEW)

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Finally!! because of so many disturbances,, my thoughts and feelings for a certain topic dropped drastically.. sigh..

I'm currently watching the anime DEATH NOTE from a DVD lend by a first i was cheering for Light Yagami, the main character of the story, although the hero is obviously the evil guy in the story, i still want him to live despite that he used his power for excessive wrong doings (killing criminals in the world is a not a bad idea: less crimes, peaceful environment and fearless society,i thought too at first,but too much of something is really bad enough, and this is where Light ruins his own life) because i know there is something that is behind the demon mask in his face..there might be the real sense of justice in his hand and eventually draw the story into the conclusion that light is a good man after all and can be saved in the end of series because I'm thinking he might die at the end,as such, good always win, and be a good friend with the villain, the anti-main, L/Ryuzaki.

is the good guy where he tries to catch Light because he suspects him a lot to be the one who's doing the killings, despite all the precautions that Light is using just to keep his own identity a secret. These two are geniuses for sure. One does not let the other catch one's eye. I'm so happy when Light lose his memory. He cant remember his doing when he is still Kira, the evil Light , and because of that Light will be finally on the side of justice at last! Unfortunately, all of these happenings were according to Light's original deadly plan..huhuhu...he's such a mischievous man..Hmp! I thought that even Light gained his lost memories and desire for his ambition, he would have a change of mind over L's case because they had spent time with handcuffs together for a while as comrades looking after the current evil where Light rests for some time. But, Yagami Light didn't change at all. He is as evil as ever...Now i know why people in the internet much prefer L over Light...the EPISODE 25: SILENCE tells that Light does not own a human heart anymore..he used to have one: red, pumping, healthy, but now this human heart is replaced by a gray-black solid, steady, gruesome, morbid, metal plastic heart already!!!!

I used to like you, Light..but after giving those evil grin and those..those red eyes over L's dying gentle body and pretending to mourn his death, is the most despicable thing you had ever did in the series.. i don't care anymore if you get confused to the new smart successor of L in which he can suspect you and target you using his new and improved methods just to kill you! Light, you're so baaaaaaaaaaad!!

I know I'm over reacting, but to betray a person who thinks you are the only person in the world who he calls FRIEND is so much to begin with...I can't help but cry whenever I remember that particular scene where L dries Light's wet foot using a towel after the soaking-in the-rain part in the roof top...L must be really lonely,,only having an old man, Watari, on his side...**sigh** I don't blame the Shinigami who did that killing,,he actually sacrificed hi life for this unfortunate incident where LIGHT stood as the brain master.

I hope DEATH NOTE ends satisfactory, though.

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