Saturday, November 10, 2007

After watching the last episode of DEATH NOTE (DEATH NOTE ANIME REVIEW - SORT OF)

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I really want Light to die, because of that evil grin of his face towards L's dying moment. I am more of Light before, because I don't find him really cruel. For me, he's really cool. But after that episode 25, I changed into L. Now that I have seen this final episode, I feel pity for Light. I feel sorry because his hard works were never paid off, maybe because those were unjust things. But seeing the main character in the story beaten badly is saddening. I thought there would be a more intense scene between Light and N, that would make N move from his position. But the ending makes me feel depressed, it is not because it's a bad one, but really a dramatic act to end the show. The route of Light towards his death with perfect music really makes me want to cry. He is so hopeless. He has nobody with him anymore. No followers to cheer, no lovers to tease, no family and co-workers to command and no L, (his only friend?) to be handcuffed with. I thought L would also give that evil grin in return to that dying body of Light, good thing he did not...because it is the most perfect moment. It seems to me that L is finally fetching Light to go home,,,"the school day is over, now we can finally walk home together"...

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