Friday, October 23, 2009

Do not let your Guard Down! (07-GHOST ANIME REVIEW)

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Don't be deceived!!

I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore.

Enough is enough.

The first episode is so promising. It was fast paced and opens a lot of potentials. But, it suddenly digs its own pit hole.

I'm not against cheesy moments between boys, a little bromance won't bite.'s TOO MUCH!! the extent of being PATHETIC. Yes, TEITO KLEIN is so PATHETIC!!

Teito Klein
The lamest main character ever!!

The other surrounding characters look cool, even Ayanami (Main Villain). But, Teito destroys it. Well, even his bestfriend, Mikage. They are both PATHETIC. Are these boys really from the ARMY? Well, it's not that bad to have those kinds of men, but their BROTHERHOOD
is so OVER THE TOP!!

The lamest best friend ever!!

I've reached episode 7, but wasn't able to finish it. I still don't know the story. It's really confusing. I don't know what they are fighting for. Images of the past of Teito confuses him, but IT MORE CONFUSES ME!! Every episode will test your patience. But, I won't be betting anymore. My only regret is that I wont be able to see the 7 Ghosts, and I hope Teito is not part of it. My golly!! He's the most lame MAIN CHARACTER EVER BORN!!

My regrets!!

HOW COULD BE THIS SO POPULAR? Well, I think I know the answer because, I myself, was deceived. I don't think I can recommend it. but I know my sister will like this. **Sigh**

and also before I forgot.........


From someone-who-wishes-there-would-be-even-a-single-strong-female-character-who-could-spank-Teito-in-the-face,



Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty lame and slow in places. I did watch it to the end. He gets rid of his handcuffs and he goes off with Frau into the unknown beyond the church confines, something about finding himself or whatever. The later episodes were pretty cool, too bad you didn't stick with it. The only thing I didn't like was the brotherly love was a little too much for me too and I thought it was weird. Maybe it's an anime culture thing but as an American it was weird. Anyway I ultimately liked it.

ELYSIAN said...

Thanks for dropping by. Can't believe you've found this blog. About 07-Ghost, well, nah,,I don't seem to have any enthusiasm to finish it. But I am happy that you enjoyed it!

Well thanks again!