Friday, January 1, 2010


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Flower shop without a rose
(find out why it is so)

Well, I got myself busy into Jdoramas, as usual, these days. Bad for me. I'm procrastinating things. I need to submit my audio-video production script about my thesis next week. But I haven't started editing any of my videos yet. **sigh** Maybe, I am not yet in the mood..... what a lame excuse. **sigh** I can't help it. JDORAMAS ARE REALLY ADDICTING!!!

Well, before it flies away from my mind, I would just like to share with you my new found gem! Even though, I have watched good stuff recently, I wasn't able to talk of them with you. But this one is different. IT HAS TO BE SPREAD!! Next to this one, maybe is Bloody Monday and JIN. But romantic blingy always tickles me. **sigh** I miss Buchou and Hotaru-sama....this one makes me remember them.

It's Bara no nai Hanaya. I have been listing it since last year, while it's still airing. But i don't know, maybe I am not in the mood for its type, or I had underestimated its potential. Because, who would've thought that much from a human drama genre who would normally talk about life? It would be recycled theme again, nothing new to keep you asking. But, it surprised me once again. The things which I expected the least are always there to prove me wrong.

The plot is amazing. This kind of Jdorama is a rare one. Its cheesiness is just well blended. Normally, I would hate it but it is put in exact amount. The actors are well placed. Shingo Katori is so great at his role. My gosh!! Who would've thought Son Goku could be a family man? Yuko Takeuchi is new to me. This is the first time that I would be seeing her act in a drama. Although, I have already read her name in some drama searching and watched her in the Team Batista Movie trailer with Abe Hiroshi, I was still surprised how beautiful she really is. She is actually good but I sometimes think her giggles looked like rehearsed and fake, well, anyhow, I can still sense the honesty in her role. But the scene stealer will be, surprisingly, is the kid, Yuki Yagi, playing Shingo's daughter Shizuku. She acts so naturally and with full of honesty. She and Shingo really looks like father and daughter in real life, as if there's no pretension. There is such a chemistry between them.

a father and daughter scene

Shizuku-chan (Yuki Yagi~ so kawaii~)

the beautiful Yuko Takeuchi (Ohanaya -san!!)

the uber dependable Shingo-san

(no picture on the official website, why so?)

I am so surprised how the story went. At first, you'll just be introduced to single fatherhood and the usual back story of sad fairy tales and then you'll, of course, think that the new girl the father meets will be her new princess again where he will find love again. Well, it happened. But, NOT THAT FORMULAIC WAY!! It was surely complicated. There were lots of twists and turns in the story which will you think this is not an ordinary human drama. Or was it? Or maybe the writer is just really great that this kind of story really was still able to deliver fresh ideas after having so many kinds of dramas presented inside the tv screen? Well, whoever he is (Nojima Shinji), he is surely simply great!!

Another one, the thing that makes me miss buchou and hotaru and the reason why I got myself write an entry for this one, is of course the lovers confrontation at the end of the series. They do always have one, don't they? Like with Hotaru no Hikaru's and Galileo's own mini love confrontations. Well, not that really romantic with that of Galileo. I just put it that way...fufufufu. The confrontation scene with this one was held inside a green house of roses. The setting didn't bring any sense of romanticism in me, until .......WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! Shingo-san non-stopped spoke "Aishitteru" to Yuko-san. And Yuko-san felt it so sudden that she is asking him to wait, maybe to make some preparations for herself but Eiji-san (Shingo) just continued the magic word over and over again.!! Wooohhh!! So sweet!! Shingo-san is not really that handsome compared of course to his SMAPmate Takuya, but something about him over shines this "handsomenity's" existence. Doing something like that, with full of honesty, is really a scene only in fairy tales. But the characters in this drama lived up that atmosphere and showed us the true nature of LOVE.

the love confrontation scene

Over all, it was surely a very very nice drama. Not that extravagant. But it was really really nice. This drama will surely teach you a simple lesson about trust, honesty, family, love and life. This is a surely a must-watch!

From someone-who-thinks-that-the-title-of-the-drama-is-cool,
Me ^_^


Matsuda Shota-san is here. I feel he has good dramatic skills. I hope he could show more this skills in the future.

Matsuda Shota-san

And I think, I'll be able to start what I am supposed to do, regarding my thesis, after watching Shibatora. The torrents are on the last one now. I think I should stop there already. I hope I could keep with this!!! Wushu!!