Sunday, May 20, 2012


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Hello Bloggy!!

Hisashiburi nee ~~

Wow! I cant believe I'm writing to you again. My last post was still in 2010 and it was a very difficult year for me. Well, actually it waslate 2009 where my hiatus started.

I dont know how it happened, but it just did. I thought it's going to be hard leaving behind something which has been there for most of your life. But surprisingly it just let go without a fight.

My addiction over j-doramas and anime came to a full halt early 2010. After then, I cant get myself into watching east asian series again. Well, there were times where I've watched Ghibli movies, caught some episodes of anime reruns on TV, and finished the j-dorama Joker (because it just felt the right thing to do but nothing wonderful came out of it). But they all felt dumb and weaker compared to my new set of addictions - US TV series.

Until just this week...

Hmmm...I dont know how, but I guess I have to thank my brother for it. He asked me for the ProDai DVDs because he wanted to watch it again. Then I thought, hmmm...why dont i try re-watching HANA YORI DANGO for a change because I'm starting to get bored with US series. Because honestly, they are really what you call guilty pleasures. They are like junk foods, they can help you get through the days and night but you wont gain nutrition watching them. Well there are some of course which I really like because they give off ANIME auras - SUPERNATURAL, ALPHAS...hmmm..what else?

Anyway highway, you see, once you divert or transfer your pop culture interest from one region to another, you'll surely feel some kind of comparisons. Asian series, esp, j-doramas, as I would like to label them as "you should not take it too serious" type because of course there are cheesy moments and larger-than-life scenarios that any critical viewer might not avoid raising an eyebrow or two. Because once you jump to the American series bandwagon and start to compare them, you would surely feel the inferiority of the asian dramas. Yes, there are exaggerated characters, super cheeeeezzzy love story, straight from the can script lines and mouth watering actors, as compared to the American series where they stay mostly in the "real" world (or so they think) and makes them more tolerable to watch. UNTIL recently, I had an enlightenment and realized what made me love ASIAN DRAMAS esp. JDORAMAS in the first place.

ARIGATOU HANA YORI DANGO (TV)!! You brought back the colors into my world again. You gave me a more meaningful life to live. You gave me sensations which I haven't felt for a long time. You made me CRY, LAUGH AND LOVE AGAIN. AND YOU MADE ME WRITE AGAIN.

ARIGATOU MAOTSUJUN!! Now I understood and realized why your great love story is there in the firs place. IT INSPIRES PEOPLE. It inspired me. I never got this kind of inspiration via watching US series and movies. There's a reason why EAST ASIAN DRAMAS RULE!!! Because THEY CAN TOUCH PEOPLE'S HEARTS. They can move immovable feelings. They can reach unreachable imaginations. They can just DO ANYTHING.

Wow!!!!!! I am super happy that I am an ADDICT. An ASIAN DRAMA ADDICT. It felt so different when you're watching a show which can curl up your stomach every now and then because of the love story EVERY GIRL in the planet wanted to see for themselves. Wow!! I never thought I can create a song again, but I just did, in less than 5 minutes! I dont know if its good but it's my response to the love story Doumyouji and Makino have shared with me.

Sorry, my thoughts are all over the place. I am just so HAPPY. I think I just found my old self, the real me? These past years have been really difficult. And I am to thank my Jdoramas because I know they will help me to quite ease the burden out of it.

Well, that's it  for now. I just wanted to share with you my enlightenment. Well, if only JUN MATSUMOTO AND MAO INOUE are really dating, that would just make me SUPPER HAPPY!! Now I can declare they are my SUPER COUPLE OF ALL TIME and HANA YORI DANGO is my SUPER JDORAMA FOREVER!!!



ME ^__^

P.S. I know it wont be too long soon. I'll get back to my feet again. I am hopeful that I can face MY FIRST LOVE again. Wait for me ANIME.