Saturday, April 26, 2008

David Cook - The Phantom

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I am not a fan from the start. I was really cheering for Ramiele then, so she used to be my only bet in American Idol. But sadly, she got booted out. It made me cried to see my only reason in watching the show leaves. A.I. wasn't that special to me anymore after her exit. And I told myself I will not watch this show ever again. But...ahem...I failed..myself. I do not have an entry of my dearest Idol Rami here in this blog, but i plan to make one soon. But for now, I'll talk about David first. No, not lil David, but The COOK..

I am a gradual fan of David C. I'm not a follower of his previous great numbers, although I think he is really exceptional in this batch. He got more personality compared to other fellow contestants. He knows how to shine because he masters and learns his potentials and use them in the most appropriate manner. I'm not a fan of rock bands or of rock genre. I'm also not a music lover that much. But I strongly believe that this talent is the Star of All Shining Uniqueness. I really really love his originality and his guts on the stage!

I know i will be interested in watching AI again after I saw and heard "Always be my baby", which he gave a new flavor and vibe. He's a rocker with a soul and heart!. And is a truly amazing singer after I cant stop myself listening to his Music of the Night over and over again. What a Phantom! What a heart! WOO HOO! DAvid COOK for the WIN!


Vic said...

hi there! i love david cook! :)