Sunday, December 21, 2008


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How could an all female lead be this intense? Yes, with so much ANGST! Well, in a good way. I know CLAYMORE is a good anime, based from reviews and everything, that is why I got a copy of it. I wasn't really expecting a lot because of the underestimated capabilities of my own gender-mates. But, to the FULLY GOSHesNESS I stand CorrecteD! Wow, I'm just halfway in the series yet the insurmountable excitement makes my palm sweat. Hehehe...too much excitement..

Anyways, I like Clare, the lead cast, and the story of her past. One of the greatest back stories I have ever known. I like Teresa, her beloved claymore, so much and wanting to see her more in the episodes to come. But I was heartbroken when I watched her unprecedented and unpredictable death. HuHUhu... Clare was so cute when she is still a human. I wished she just continued her destiny as a human and let another claymore (male?) do the revenge. But choosing to fight and changing the course of your fate is such a valiant step a human can do, and I applaud Clare for doing that.

I just hate the fact that there's a romantic blingy going between Clare and her side kick, Raki. It's too much to bear with, especially with that kissing scene. YUCK! EEW! Wish they wont do that again, so inappropirate. Anyways, I get my hopes so high right now. I guess more revealing and gushing episodes are yet to come. And i can't wait to see them!

I'll make an entry again after watching the whole series.

I dont want too see that romantic blingy again. IT ruins the series. Fingers crossed. Hopes are high!

Till then,