Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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Helow everyone!! Wahahaha!! It's been ages since my last post here. Anyways, I'm so excited today that I even made a short review even after just watching 3 episodes...

My last watched sports anime was Over Drive. And I wasssss sooooo soooooo disappointed how the story went that I dont even bother to finish it. That's why I refrain from watching any sport type since then. But, I was intentionally going to buy Ookiku furikabutte, since Mamoru Miyano - san was here (bummer! Only got a supporting role). After having a copy of this, I was, of course, hesitant to watch it, thought it might also suck. But something turned out right.! Golly! I was easily hooked from the get-go!

Yes, I just finished watching ep 3. And I was visually, emotionally and musically satisfied. The lead character, Mihashi, who lacks self-confidence but was actually possessing a gift for his field is not new to me. It resembles something Ippo-like, a soft hearted person who was always being bullied but was actually an extraordinary machine man! Although, it really sounds Ippo-like, Mahashi is still different because he is somewhat outpouring with sensationalism. Hehehehe ^_^

I never thought that the lead role would be coming from a VERY VERY loser-type character. He's so different from the arrogant aroma of other lead stars like Ryoma and Sakuragi. Mahashi will make you annoyed in someways. But you'd learn to love him and empathize him. I almost cried when Abe held the hand of Mahashi and figured out the hard work of Mahashi had been just not to be a burden to anyone. I would love, love to see more of the coming out of my dearest Mahashi - kun.

As of this writing, I think I'll be able to keep up my great anticipation from the series. The characters are interesting esp. Abe and Tajima. And I believe there will be more of interesting names to come.

I'll watch out for more great episodes! With this fast-paced anime, I know it wont get me bored.

Fingers crossed:)

From someone-who-is-rooting-for-Mahashi's transformation,
Me ^_^