Sunday, March 29, 2009

Episode 5: Obstinate feelings (GA REI ZERO ANIME REVIEW)

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Ga Rei Zero?
I found it accidentally while searching for best anime titles of 2008. included it into their list. Hmmm....Kinda intriguing coz the poster seemed so interesting...time to see some shounen moves's blazing!!!'s the poster I'm talking about...

Kinda looks intense, right???

Unfortunately, it doesn't have anything to do with the whooooooooooooooleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anime.....Hmmm...well, not really. You see, I thought I would be facing them longer and have to deal with some 10 maybe 20 lousy minutes and more to come, but I was soooooooooooooooo surprised that they were easily BUTCHERED!!! MY gosh! This ANIME boasts in B-L-O-O-D! And to think that these people in the poster were the main characters,,,HUH? What would happen now in the story????? AHEMMMM.... I was confused for a while. I paused while seeing the credits at the end, waiting for the ed song to play..but nothing showed up? What's wrong with this anime????

EHERM>....Now we're faced with another set of characters. They possess powers like what- I-thought-to-be-the main-characters also have, like they can see beasts or dark spirits what an ordinary person cannot do. As you see, these characters work under the government to destroy these malevolent spirits and help to maintain peace on earth. These were chosen people who have certain gifts and abilities to perform the tasks assigned to them. See, nothing extra- ordinary right? Well, it's the re-usable plot of any action anime.

De mo.....Don't lose hope...

As I have mentioned earlier, the what- I-thought-to-be-the main-characters were BUTCHERED right from the very beginning. So, this may seem something new and intriguing, right?.....BWAGAGAGAGA!!!

Will you kill someone you love, because of love? Ahemmm....Kinda soft and romantic right? It doesn't seem right for a bloody anime like this, I thought. You see, This anime is lead by a female named Kagura Tsuchimiya who idolized her Yomi-oneechan. And Yomi-oneechan, true enough, is a very skilled swordsman and a prodigy in the making. She was set to be a heir to her fostered-clan and had a very cute love-hate relationship with her fiancee, Nori-chan. Romantic, it is! They even had a filler episode just for the two, Yay!! If you're into this kind of genre, action with romance inside, then this one is really for you!! Hek hek ^_^

All seems right and fine, until, of course, the dark side made his entrance. This source-of-trouble which made the goody-goody relationship of everyone turned to its worst situation and gave a 360 degree rotation to all the lives of our dear characters..HUHUHUHUHUHUHU!! ^~^

Because, you know there's a lot of things that were really regrettable and as a viewer you could not help to feel so remorsed for the things that could have saved: relationships with your co-workers, relatives, friends, love life (huhuhuhu, so much regret ^~^) and with your treasured one. Huhuhuhu :(

And to think, that this whole thing is just a prequel to the original story.....MY GOLLY!! Although, I'm gonna say that the 12 episodes kinda satisfied me, and I feel fine even if there wont be any continuation to the story, the thought of the real plot keeps me more interested. Real main characters will be revealed. Wushu!!! I haven't searched for any season 2 yet, if their on the making already. But, Whatevah!! Sure they will, it's not like they kinda use the setting of the manga only and wont deliver the real fruit. 'Couse, they wont. Bring it on!!


I like the Paradise Lost (OP song)
Nori-chan! Yomi-chan!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuh