Thursday, March 26, 2009


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What's with the other reviewers which gave this anime a poor score and bad reviews? Anyways, I guess we have our opinions with everything so I'll give mine with this one.

Okay, if you are really looking for a super deep, profound and out-of-this world original concept, well, don't try this one. Might as well go check some super stiff plot and oscar-worthy stories (?) to satisfy your technical hunger and desires you're looking for an anime!!! I'm telling you this is not going to win any awards!!! Hmp ;<

Zombie Loan doesn't have any new things to offer. Well, I guess just like any other animes because their stories had just been recycled over and over again. But, as an otaku, you never get bored watching them especially if you're really massively entertained!

Well, of course, the heroes here save lives and benefit from it. And because there are two male leads here, you cannot avoid some Uhmmm..moments here and there..well, good thing there's no special Uhmmm between them. Kinda cute the petty fightings here and there but i'm kinda not into Uhmmm moments between two maleszz..Hek Hek. ^_^ Especially with the Uhmmmm moments between two girls...Hek Hek ^ _^ Please, not with this one. Michiru is so cute with any of the male leads, so let us leave it like that.. Hek Hek ^ _^

You know what I'm saying if you, of course, have seen the series.

Well, anyways...

The characters are really likable. Sure there are clichez all over the place, but I never get tired of it. I never thought that Michiru would be a likable character. Coz you know, I'm always into strong-willed females with great personalities that could absolutely make womanhood proud. Hek Hek ^_^ Luckily she changed but her weakness is still adorable. I really really like cut li'l moments between her and Chika! Wow, I get his name right. Chika,Shito, Michiru. Chika, Shito, Michiru. Chika, Shito, Michiru... Hek Hek. I'm getting tongue twisted with their names...^_^

Sadly, the theme songs weren't that great. Well, not even good either. They are so upbeat and kinda crazy. I'm not getting it. But there's one insert song which I liked, and I'm gonna search for it.

What can I say more? Well, it had been a short trip. It, of course, needs to add more episodes. It left you hanging. I would love to see more of the trio and their eventual romantic affairs..Hek Hek ^_^ I WANT TO SEE MORE ZOMBIE LOAN

From a Believer that says this anime deserves a shot!,
Me ^_^