Friday, February 13, 2009

How would you read this? (XXXHOLIC ANIME REVIEW)

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What can you say about the opening song?
Don't tell me you're just on the okay level???
Shut up!!!!
Go and get some cotton buds to clean your ears right now!! As in right now!!

My gosh!!! How could I almost miss this one??? I bought this with D. Gray Man, and I planned to watch the shounen first, thinking that Holic might suck and I would be
jinxed by it. Oh yes, I had that thought. How horrible...but, MUKYAAA~~~I was left in AWE!!.

I don't have high expectations with this one. Clamp's works remind me of Card Captor and Magic Knight Rayearth, both I enjoyed when I was in grade school, but watching them today doesn't make me a fan anymore. That's why I have doubts,, and doubts, and doubts, until....I heard the OPening...

Wushu!! it keeps on singing in my head until now,,for real..It definitely grew in me...How could you not like this? this song simply makes you for a good mood...and is so so so so appropriate for the anime it self...Yosh!

I never thought that I would love all the CHARACTERS in this one. Yuuko-san is the most LOVABLE Witch, as described in the DVD cover, I have ever known. it's okay that she isn't given much of a development compared to other leads because her general presence makes her femininity stand out the best!! I love her, she's like a bigger sister..Tee-hee ^__^

Watanuki is the most vulnerable male character I've ever met...hehehe, as if...He is so handsome when he is serious..I remember the first episode where he is walking in the street so seriously then suddenly started to run so fast as if someone is chasing him, later on revealed that he is being annoyed by the spirits which made him roll in the road for cute attention-getter for a start...He is voiced by my second favorite dubber, Jun Fukuyama,so great of him...

Is the relationship between Doumeki and Watanuki considered as Shounen Ai? Can it be called simply as Friendship? Why people have to label simple gestures as it is??? Sigh~~~ Whatever...

Anyways, the animation doesn't seem realistic..I mean how the characters are drawn, they don't seem like real people..But I think the artwork is great,,Well, I'm not really good with this technical stuff...hek hekkk.,,

Overall, this is a SUUUUPPPERRR recommended Anime. I have my best times, my average moments and my love-to-watch-it-at-night-but-is-so-scary-i-always-look-at-my-back syndrome...heheheheh

From me,
Your Love BUG


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Just dropping by. I thought your blog was pretty interesting that's all

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Good, very good writing!!