Friday, February 13, 2009


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I already have an account in myanimelist and I started doing reviews of anime that I just recently watched. Well, since this blog is all about it then I better just use my reviews from it to add it up to my entries..hehehe...just recycling...Whatever...

Here are some animes that I've finished since this second semester but I wasn't able to have some reviews...

darker than Black
Code Geass 1 and 2
Vampire Knight

My Boss My hero

haven't finished yet,,,,

Basilisk --huhuhu..want to watch it right now
Over Drive - don't think I have the drive to move on
Toradora - I don't know, seems cute but is so Shoujoooooo, no excitement
Hayate No Gotoku - not sure, kinda much parody, i dont like rie's voice, so sorry, just like in toradora
Rental Magica - what happened? haven't i finish this one?? My gosh...i have to...not great not bad
Ghost Hound - not yet there i think, no improvement,,,hope to improve
Gurren Lagann - thinking to buy it in the dvd instead, sure this is a keeper

Zettai Kareshi

currenty going...

shows in store....(recently bought-dvds)
D. Gray Man

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