Thursday, February 12, 2009

After watching the 18th episode of Skip Beat,,,,, (SKIP BEAT ANIME REVIEW - SORT OF)

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Bwahahaha!!! All Hail Skip Beat!!!

Isn't Episode 18 the best yet??? I hope it isn't. Because My Anticipation level keeps on rising after watching this one. Bwahahaha!!!

I'm for Kyoko and Ren, but OM-to-d-G!! I never thought Sho and Kyo look so KAWAII together!! Their quarrels surely look like simple LQs to me, don't feel any anger. Bwahahaha!! Now it's getting complicated. Ren is starting to show his real feelings towards Kyoko and Sho is beginning to develop a crush on her..What a DIMENSIONAL LOVE TRIANGLE./....Now, I'm getting confused which love team should I give my support?

Who cares? Is it even the time for that...C'mon people make the Good times Roll!!! This is so Precious!!! Can't wait for the NEXT EP!

Lovingly yours,
An eager neophyte from Love Me Section