Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are you burning hot?

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We just got our internet back today. After some time, here we are again. Wohoo..Yohohoho!!1

Okay, so what should I tell you first? Let's start with this Roxio burning program I'm using. Well, I bought it with having confidence that it could definitely smoothly burn movies directly to dvd regardless of any format, because, FYI, my Nero 8 never get tired of pooping dialog boxes for some permission blah blah and I can't get through it. So, I looked for some software which could eventually solve my problem. Alas, the store could not provide any software aside from Nero (yes, again but with the 9th version) and this Roxio one. Took the advice of the seller, I still bought Nero confident that it'll work this time because it's another version with complete details of everything. No hassle now.

Well, that's what I thought.

Unfortunately, it didn't work again, but it's the DVD this time. It seems corrupted so I returned it to the store and got this Roxio instead. It's a new product so I have my hopes high. But, what have I done to receive this challenge in my unremarkable life?! Well, I found out that the DVD burning category of this one seems not to recognize all extensions of videos. So, my.mkv files would still be in my preserving download folder, apparently. And worse, the DVD rom doesn't seem to read blank cd/dvd! I can't get even burn ordinary videos in WMP because it can't recognize a burner. Yuhuhuhuhuhu... :(

I've searched the net hoping to find a forum which can help me with this predicament. But it appeared that even the net people can't still get the solution to our common problem. *Sigh*

I should have not removed Nero if only I know this thing would happen. Well, I kinda know it coming. Yes, something like that would definitely come - to someone like me.. Hekhekhekk...

Now, I'm currently burning .avi dvd and it still 11%. My gosh! Something tells me that I'll be taking ahhhhmmmm...quite some time. It's already 12:19 AM. Wushu!

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