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I love Ryo Nishikido (Zenkai Girl Review)

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Ryo Nishikido. Ryo Nishikido. Ryo Nishikido. Ryo Nishikido. Ryo Nishikido. Ryo Nishikido.................... 
Waah!!!! Yes this show made me realize how awesome and great RYO NISHIKIDO is. Yes, he sure looks dirty, messy, ragged blah blah blah (to the old me) but I dont know why..when he cries I cry, when he's sad, my heart breaks but when he smiles, my heart flies with joy  gyaaboooo~~~ I love it when my I find myself mistaken by my bad vibes for a series. I was hesitant to watch Zenkai Girl at first because I'm not a fan of the main leads, Gakky and Ryo. They are both okay but I'm not a believer/follower of their series. I'm fine with Gakky because she's cute and tolerable but she never impressed me while Ryo never made me a believer that he's an Ikemen. I always thought how he became a Johnny's, he isn't really that good looking. Well, that's what I used to think, especially during the 1 liter of tears days. I guess he's fine but never made an impact to me. However, after watching Zenkai my heart cant stop shouting...RYO RYO RYO RYO RYO RYO FTWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

I was impressed by his acting skills, he improved a lot. Well, I was able to watch Joker before where he had a supporting role. I guess he already looked good then but not enough to make me a believer. I've only seen three series of his, 1 liters, Joker and this one and I can say I become proud of his ability as an actor. He has shown depth and seriousness on his character that even he and Gakky has chemistry, it made me wished that he should have been paired with another actress. For me, Gakky's portrayal of the role was good and passable. But her acting skills are not at par with Ryo. I think she lacked depth and effort in her portrayal of Wakaba's character. Sure, seeing the two of them onscreen made sparks fly. I love their love tension and their subtle hint of romance. But when it comes down to business (acting-wise), Gakky fell short. I'm wondering if whose actress could have done the role better. Hmmm...for me I always thought of the following as better actresses: Ueno Juri (very versatile), Erika Toda (i dislike her but she really can deliver), Haruka Ayase (well her roles were mostly safe, or so i think, but she's better than Gakky), Ishihara Saotomi (my nee-chan though short but she's very expressive and those eyes....), Masami Nagasawa (i think ProDai is enough to prove her worth, haha, IDK but for me she's a pro) and lastly of course my forever Mao Inoue (Tsukushi!! FTW, very expressive eyes and can fake tears tastefully but will always like him with MatsuJun). Note: The list is not finish, I can't think of any other names right now. It's really hard to choose from my list because the chemistry has to be taken into consideration. Well, I guess Erika Sawajiri can squeeze in. I think her Aya's role in 1 liter and her old team-up with Ryo are good points for the character Wakaba. Unfortunately, I think this series was really meant for Gakky, I mean it was intentionally made for her. Other characters can be replaced but not her. I think she's kinda big in Japan but I believe her craft is not that enough to win her an award. So Gakky, gambatte nee!!

                                                                 Sweet Gakky

Anyway, I thought Zenkai would beat Rich Man Poor Woman for my choice of romance drama for the last two years. Zenkai was good until the sleepover in Pill bug's house where the four made the "river" kanji character in their sleeping position. It was sweet and heartwarming. The remaining episodes were kinda okay but not exciting. It was the smiles of Ryo that made me continue..teee hee... I am not sure if it is a bad point or a good point for J-doramas that focus on romance genre. Yes, they have the strong romantic elements but they were mostly glued with family related issues that let the romance lessen. I mean, as compared to Kromantic dramas, kdramas are mostly solid love-driven story unlike Jdramas that only give meager parts to tease the audience. Well, I guess it just a matter of perspectives and this is mine anyway. 

In the end, Zenkai ended on a satisfactory note. It was a nice series that could have been better but the chemistry between the leads was undeniable. Ryo for me is like Matsuda Shota. They are good at tear-jerker dramas but still are versatile enough to do other roles. They are truly underrated good Japanese actors.

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