Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do not watch this ALONE AT NIGHT! (Ghost Hunt Anime Review)

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I love Ghost Hunt, have loved it and always will!

This is my second time watching the series. The first was around 5 or 6 years ago and back then, I've already decided that it's ONE OF THE MOST ENTERTAINING ANIME that I've watched in my entire life.

I don't usually watch anime series of supernatural  genre (although Supernatural is my favorite US TV show) so I only pick those which are really worth my time. Ghost Hunt along with XXXholic remain to be the shows that can give me GENUINE SCARES all the time. I love to watch these shows at night but THEY ARE TOO DAMN SCARY that I can't help but to minimize my VLC screen so the effect wont be that overwhelming..fufufufu..

I don't like gory/bloody scary shows so the tolerable suspense atmosphere of Ghost Hunt suits my taste best. The show gives you the comfortable feeling you long for when you are trying to relax, and gives you an assurance that there is still hope for the ANIME INDUSTRY. The scare, the thrill, the suspense, the rom-com, the youthful aura and the drama - ingredients for a truly enjoyable show which fortunately GHOST HUNT has.

As per the story, it is very simple. A group of supernatural experts gather around to solve supernatural mysteries. So simple yet the cases were nothing but ordinary! The stories of each mystery were delivered in the best scaaarry way possible. The sound and the music amplified the atmosphere to give you a series of pure scare fun and entertainment.

The characters were ALL likable. Naru-chan and Mai, the two main leads, I remember back then how I got crazy for these characters and until now I still feel the same. Also, Mai is one of my favorite heroines ever!!!Aside from these two, all the characters were superb and well-blended with the story. Even though their personalities and abilities were well presented, they do not outshine the cases they worked on. The stories/cases were after all the heart of the series and fortunately these were executed magnificently.

And what a lame scary show it would be if the sound and music were not that effective. Here at Ghost Hunt, you will not only be rewarded with good stories but with A SUPER GREAT MUSICAL EXPERIENCE too. The OP & ED are cool and the BGMs are simply haunting!

The BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT I can say about this show is that it only lasted for 25 episodes. This number is not enough to know the characters better and to solve the biggest mystery of this anime. Having said this, Ghost Hunt is truly an enjoyable series. SCARY+ ENTERTAINING = PURE FUN. You don't need LOGIC to understand and love this series. It just needs your creative mind for it to be appreciated. Although this is kind of an old series, it will always remain to be one of the MOST UNDERRATED SERIES OF ALL TIME. This is waaay better than new titles these days and I can't find a recent series that is a match with Ghost Hunt (recommendation anyone?). It is just sad that it wasn't that popular enough to gain a second season ( or was this the reason??). But anyway, there's still the manga if you want to continue the series, right?

Overall, this series is SUPER RECOMMENDED, especially to those who are bored and looking for some SCARES and THRILLS. Watch this right now, but I suggest to try it at night for a better viewing experience..tee hee!

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